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Cast Iron Replacement Charcoal Lump Grates 

  • 177807 - XL 400 (15.00"L x 8.75"W)
  • 177507 - LG 300 (12.25"L x 7.00"W)
  • 177408 - JR 200  (10.50"L x 5.625"W)
  • 177909 - Kamado Round

These lump grates are found near the bottom of the firebox. The gates are heavy duty cast iron. The grates hold the lump. The holes allow air to pass and ash to fall through for consistent burns.  

At the center line of the Oval Replacement Grates are dual peg slots that hold the Primo Oval Firebox Divider Plate. Setting the Divider Plate is as easy as placing it into both slots. The Lump Grate is designed to sit peg side up. It's marked 'this side up'.

The Kamado Round Gate pictured is a Primo product. The photo is Ceramic Grill Store copyright. The Kamado Grate photo is the Grate's underside to show the re-enforced cast iron. The Kamado Round Primo does not use a Divider Plate. 

Please confirm Grate size, as listed above. Divider Plate and Grill are not included.

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