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16 Inch Stainless Drip Pan for Kamado Grills

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16" Full Round Stainless Drip Pan, protect & keep the ceramics clean

Pair with the following heat deflectors, accessories and kamado grills.

Our stainless drip pans are a simple & cost effective way to protect & keep the ceramics clean. Ceramic deflector stones absorb moisture like sponges. Moisture in a deflector can steam, stress the ceramic and ultimately cause a break. A pan set on or above the deflector can keep drippings off the deflector. The pan can also keep your grill cleaner for faster start-ups on the next cook.

  • 15" to 16" round heat deflector stones,
  • CGS Large Woo Ring, all grills using a 15"/16" heat deflector,
  • CGS Large Adjustable Rig, all grills using a 15"/16"/Oval heat deflector,
  • Large Big Green EGG, maximum coverage for ConvEGGtor,
  • Classic Kamado Joe, maximum coverage upper levels Divide & Conquer,
  • Louisiana Grills 24 - CGS Woo Ring & Spider and all deflectors,
  • Pit Boss 24 - CGS Woo Ring & Spider and all deflectors.
  • Primo Round Kamado, CGS Woo Ring maximum coverage,
  • Primo Round Kamado, Primo Deflector Rack maximum coverage,
  • Vision Grills - CGS Woo Rings, (except cadet, M or XL Series),

CGS Ceramic Spacers, Elevate the pan: Some folks like to create an air gap between heat deflector and drip pan. The air gap reduces/eliminates the radiating heat the moves through the deflector and into the pan. It's one way to minimize the drippings in the pan from burning. We offer ceramic spacers in multiple sizes to use between deflector and pan. If you have our Adjustable Rig, it is easy to create spacing: simply set the stone and pan at different levels.

Specs: 16" diameter, 1” tapered side and rolled top edge. The drip pan will heat tarnish. Recommend foiling for easy clean up. 200 series stainless.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A GREAT product!

When smoking certain foods (brisket, ribs etc,) I had been purchasing aluminum foil pans - which did not fit nor hold much water. The stainless pan sold by Ceramic Store fits my K24 Pit Boss EXACTLY, and by using thick gauge polished stainless will last a long time! I can use the pan for liquids (to add moisture to a smoke) or to catch drippings. Since it is polished it is also easy to clean.

harold wurmnest

fits and works great in my bit boss 24inch ceramic grill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outstanding Product!

This drip pan is a must.

Scott P
Better Than Expected!

This drip pan is far better constructed than I would have expected for the price, very study gauge stainless.

John C. III
This is simply as good as all of their other products

Works perfectly in my Large Big Green Egg (along with the whole rig I got from them, cleans up very easily as well.. Great products, great service and support, I can't think of a better place to get accessories for my Egg.