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10 Inch Stainless Drip Pan for Kamado Grills

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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

10" Full Round Stainless Drip Pan, protect & keep the ceramics clean

Pair with the following heat deflectors, accessories and kamado grills.

Our stainless drip pans are a simple & cost effective way to protect & keep the ceramics clean. Ceramic deflector stones absorb moisture like sponges. Moisture in a deflector can steam, stress the ceramic and ultimately cause a break. A pan set on or above the deflector can keep drippings off the deflector. The pan can also keep your grill cleaner for faster start-ups on the next cook.

  • 10" round heat deflector stones,
  • Medium Big Green EGG - CGS Woo Ring & Spider,
  • MiniMax Big Green EGG - CGS Woo Ring & Spider,
  • Small Big Green EGG - CGS Woo Ring & Spider,
  • Kamado Joe Junior - CGS Woo Ring & Spider,
  • Kamado Joe Junior - Junior replacement stone,
  • LIfesmart 15 - CGS Woo Rings,
  • Vision Cadet - CGS Woo Ring,
  • Vision M Series - CGS Woo Ring,

CGS Ceramic Spacers, Elevate the pan: Some folks like to create an air gap between heat deflector and drip pan. The air gap reduces/eliminates the radiating heat the moves through the deflector and into the pan. It's one way to minimize the drippings in the pan from burning. We offer ceramic spacers in multiple sizes to use between deflector and pan. If you have our Adjustable Rig, it is easy to create spacing: simply set the stone and pan at different levels.

Specs: 10" diameter, 5/8” tapered side and rolled top edge. The drip pan will heat tarnish. Recommend foiling for easy clean up. 200 series stainless. 

Customer Reviews

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John Schatzberg
10 inch round drip pan

Big step up from tin pie plate in terms of quality. Using this in my kamado joe jr. Can use in up position with diffuser in bottom position as there is still enough room to place the grate. If using on top of diffuser remember to create some space to avoid over heating. I use aluminum foil balls. Only negative I see compared to the pie tin is that the grease capacity is less due to the shorter wall height.

10" Stainless Drip Pan

Bought together with woo ring with handle. The diameter is a little smaller than 10", 9 & 3/4" exactly.
Tested on my Kamado Joe Jr., both are very x very good quality and fit perfectly.
Fast delivery, too.

Garvin Roberts
Perfect size drip pan for My Kamado Joe Jr.

Just like the title says perfect size drip pan for the Kamado Joe Jr and Akorn Jr and the BGE MiniMax! Solid Stainless Steel should last as long you have your grill!!


As described

This is just what it said it was and great shipping on the product. Will buy again from this company great people to work with.