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XL Half Stone Hanger

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The XL Half Stone Hanger works with: 

  • CGS's XL Woo Expander,
  • CGS's XL Adjustable Rig, and
  • CGS's Big Joe Expander.

Note: The Hanger does not work with the Big Green EGG or Kamado Joe's Expanders.

For the XL Adjustable Rig, we offer a Bundle package that includes the Hanger, 20" Half Grid and 18" Half Stone. For the Expanders, you can also add it directly on their page.

The Hanger is a cool way to set a stone and not take way grilling area below. You get full use of a lower grid and best part of the grill - the middle. You do not get this ability with Kamado Joe's Divide & Conquer and Big Green EGG's Expander, as they require half the lower grid area to set the half stone.

How does it work: 

The Hanger hangs from the Rig and Expander's upper ring and holds the Half Stone under a 20" Half Grid. The video below is with the Rig, but the Expanders work the same.

Update on the Video - We updated the Hanger by turning around the back hook - now it faces forward. Also, the 17.5" Half Stone was replaced by our 18" Half Stone. Your best stone choices are: 

  • CGS' Big Joe Expander - Big Joe's Half Stone or CGS 18" Half Stone,
  • XL Adjustable Rig - CGS 18" Half Stone,
  • XL Woo Expander - CGS 18" Half Stone.

To set the Hanger, simply compress the Hanger legs inward, attach the back hook and then set the two front hooks. It takes less than a minute.

The set-up, pictured above, with the cast iron grid on the XL Woo's lower ring is a fantastic reverse sear set-up. Yes, you can move the Half Stone in and out during a cook. Do not forget hand protection. 

The Hanger is all 3/16" 304 Stainless and fabricated by us in our wire shop. This is a wonderful add-on for the XL Adjustable Rig and Expanders, do not miss out!

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