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Accessories for the Small Big Green EGG Kamado

Showcasing the Popular CGS Small EGG Expander

Raise the cooking grid. Hold half-moon or full round deflectors for indirect cooks. Elevate the pizza set-up. Quick in & out with handles.


Small Big Green EGG Expander - CGS Woo

Ceramic Grill Store

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Grillware, Cookware, Replacement Parts, Grill Nests & Tables

Everything you need to manage a cook and keep your MiniMax EGG in tip-top condition.

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Popular Aftermarket Accessories

small-big-green-egg-kick-ash-basket-can-lump-rake.jpg__PID:51e6e6e4-a46f-48d6-b3ba-4926d2feb9c7More Info & Buy Now

Big Green EGG 

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Replacement Parts
Big Green EGG

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Grills, Tables, Nests, Covers
Big Green EGG

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