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15" Lifesmart Kamado Woo Ring, CGS

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Select 4 Post or 15 Woo Ring
Select Stone & Stainless Drip Pan

4 Post and 15 Woo Ring fit the current 15" Lifesmart Kamado. They do not fit other manufacturers' grills.

IMPORTANT - Take Measurements:

To ensure our accessories fit your grill, you need to confirm a couple of measurements:

  • Inside the grill, measure from the top of the firebowl to the top of the base opening. It needs to be approximately 2.50".
  • Again, inside the grill, measure the grill's inside diameter across the top of the firebowl. It needs to be between 13.25" and 13.625".

If your measurements are something different, email us your measurements and pictures of the cooking grid and inside the grill.

We offer two racks for the LIfesmart 15 Kamado: 4 Post and 15 Woo Rings.

4 Post Woo Ring

The 4 Post Woo keeps it simple. The Woo sits atop the fire bowl and the Lifesmart grid sits atop the Woo's 4 vertical posts. The posts raise the Lifesmart cooking grid approximately 2.25", just below the opening. The 3 hooks on the lower ring help keep the Woo properly positioned on the fire bowl. A ceramic stone is held by the cooking grid.

The Woo's ring and posts are 1/4" 304 Stainless. The hooks are 3/16" 304 Stainless. Fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store.

There is no Stone or Drip Pan option, so Select - No Additions, as the option for Select Stone and Drip Pan.

15 Woo Ring

15 Woo Ring is a terrific way to add versatility to LIfesmart's 15" Kamado grill. It is easy to:

  • grill just below the base opening on a raised grid;
  • add a 10" ceramic stone and 10" drip pan for BBQ smoking;
  • with 10" Half Stones, use one stone to set-up direct and indirect;
  • go one or two full 10" stones for pizza; and
  • with handles, gain quick access to the lump, easy in and out.


New Grid: The Lifesmart cooking grid does not fit the 15 Woo Ring. The grid's three bottom hooks and center wire interfere with the Woo. We designed the Woo to fit Big Green EGG's 13" Stainless grid. The Woo and Grid are paired and priced together to ensure a proper fit.

For an indirect BBQ set-up, add the 10" Round Ceramic Stone and 10" Stainless Drip Pan. With the Woo, the Stone and Drip Pan are above the firebowl. This is a better set-up when compared to the Lifesmart grid - 3 hook design.


You have the option to go with 10" Half Stones too. Wonderful thing about half stones is use only one to set-up with a direct and indirect side. Half Stones can be used for smoking BBQ and pizza.


For pizza, add a second 10" Ceramic Stone. The stones sit on the grid atop the Woo. The spacers shown between the stones are CGS 1" spacers. You can find them on our ceramic stone page.



The 15 Woo's top raises the cooking grid approximately 2.25", typically just below the opening. The top ring's OD is approximately 12.25". The bottom ring's OD is approximately 8.25". The material is 1/4-inch, 304 Stainless, Round Bar.

The 15 Woo, 10" Round Ceramic Stone and 10" Stainless Drip Pan pictured are a Ceramic Grill Store Exclusive. The 15 Woo is our design and proudly "Made in the USA", in our fabrication shop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Quality product

I received this and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. Although a little pricey I was satisfied with the way these custom parts were made to fit my grill.

Game Changer

Purchased a Lifesmart Kamado from BJs at the start of the pandemic. I was underwhelmed by the grill grate and ceramic heat deflector offering out of the box. So glad Ceramic Grill Store pulled through and made other setup options available for this grill. The 15 Woo, 10” stone, and drip pan are an ABSOLUTE game changer! I feel like I have a BGE Minimax now! Will be a repeat customer. Shipping was fast, everything was well packaged, and they offered tips/tricks instructions. Thanks CGS!

Barry C.S.
Great product

Very pleased with the quality of my purchase. Stone is twice as thick as the original and the grate is also. Fast service, will be a repeat customer and recommend y'all.

The perfect upgrade

This unit more than doubles the charcoal capacity, let's you use a larger heat diverter, a drip pan, and makes it so easy to remove everything in one unit with the handles. The LifeStyle 15" Kamado with the 15 Woo upgrade should be making the "Big" boys quaking in their boots. It truly makes the LifeStyle grill a workhorse capable of long cooks and anything else you can throw at it for a fraction of the cost. If you have a LifeStyle 15" Kamado do yourself a favor and buy the 15 Woo now! You will not regret it

Robert P.
Slightly Smoked Chicken

5 skinless, boneless thighs. Mixed rub. 1/2 traditional rub, 1/2 coffee rub. Kept temp just under 300° for 15 minutes then dropped it down for 15. Used combo of lump and applewood infused charcoal. Nice and moist. The ring is the perfect height addition.