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Flexible 2nd Grid Expander, XL EGG - CGS

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CGS' Additional Grid Expander - enjoy half or full grid capability. Have fun with the half-moon deflector option. Works with CGS' Woo and EGG's ConvEGGtor and XL Grid.

Important: This Expander does not work with Big Green EGG's XL EGGspander system.

CGS Expander adds a second, upper, cooking grid to the XL Big Green EGG®. It is a cost effective way to add more capability and capacity to your cooks.

The Expander can sit atop:

  • XL Woo
    • no handles on Woo, requires the XL grid under the Expander;
    • Woo with handles, the XL grid is optional;
  • XL ConvEGGtor, requires the XL grid underneath;
  • XL Fire Ring, XL grid is optional.

Cool Innovated Design

The key to the XL Expander is its two-part grid system. The back grid is a 20" Half Grid and welded to the Expander frame. The front grid is a half 16"x20" Oval Grid and removeable. Together, the grids essentially form a full 20" round grid. Go one or two grids, based on what and how much you are cooking.

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this is really cool.....perfect for reverse searing steaks

Just like the Rig, the Expander can be set-up with a Half Stone under the 20" Half Grid. All you need is the CGS' XL Half Stone Hanger for Expander and one 18 Inch Half Ceramic Heat Deflector. If you have our Deflectors for the XL Woo, you are good to go, as they are the same and interchangable.

The Hanger hangs on the Expander's upper ring and sits under the 20" Half Grid. The 18" Half Stone sits on the Hanger and simply slides in and out from the front. And yes, you can move the Half Stone in and out during a cook. You will need hand protection for the hot stone.

To set the Hanger, simply compress the legs, slide it under the Half Grid, set the back hook (facing forward) and set the two front hooks on the Expander's top ring. It takes less than a minute.

You may wonder, why not slide the upper grid, like our Large EGG racks systems. We considered it, but owners who use a half grid set-up on the XL Adjustable Rig convinced us otherwise. They told us the 20" Half Grid provides sufficient upper grilling space and see no reason to physically slide a grid. They also see no reason to work around a full grid that is too big for most cooks.

When you need to go big (BBQ cooks), just drop on the half 16x20 Grid. The Grid sits front side on the Expander and provides the added grid space for grilling or BBQing big.

Most folks find:

  • When grilling, the fixed half grid provides sufficient shelf space above the XL cooking grid;
  • When BBQing big, both grids on the Expander provide sufficient grid space for big briskets, multiple pork butts or several rack of ribs;
  • For pizza, the Expander with XL Woo sets the pizza stone high in the dome - just where you want it;
  • The Half Stone configuration rocks steak cooks, especially the reverse sear method.
  • At 5" tall and open front, the Expander allows easy access to the XL grid below.

So, how does the Expander compare to the XL Adjustable Rig, as both work with the XL Woo Ring. There are significant differences between the Expander and Rig.

  • The Rig can be configured like the Expander, not vice versa.
  • The Expander is fixed height. The Rig has multi-height capability.
  • The Expander is one grid level. The Rig can hold a half, oval or round grid on top and and oval grid at varied levels.
  • The Expander has the option to hold one half stone, directly under the 20 Grid. The Rig can hold half or full Stones, again at varying heights and positions.
  • The Expander requires the Woo Ring or ConvEGGtor for BBQ cooks. The Rig does not need the Woo or ConvEGGtor for BBQ cooks.
  • *** The Rig can be set-up with the best single grid BBQ Cook, any kamado. The Expander does not have this capability. This capability alone, makes the Rig a better choice - the set-up is that good.

Help me decide, pick #1 or #2 below and go. Remember your first inclination is typically the best choice.

  1. If the XL EGG is just another grill that you use a couple times a month, then the Expander is your best choice.
  2. If the XL EGG is your hobby, you cook multiple times a week or month and genuinely enjoy it, then go Adjustable Rig. Our Woo/Rig pairing will give you the most fun and capability.

How to set the Woo Expander

The Expander can be placed 3 ways in the EGG and adding it is quick. Pick the grid configuration half or full, and add the Hanger if going indirect during the cook. You can place the Expander:

1. Directly on the XL Fire Ring:

  • XL grid underneath is optional;
  • By itself is a wonderful way to raise the grid and have access to the lump to manage fire or smoke.

2. Atop the XL Woo Ring:

  • No handles on the Woo, requires the XL grid underneath.
  • Handles on the Woo, the XL grid is optional.
  • Use the Large EGG cast iron grid for a fantastic conventional or reverse sear set-up.
  • Go big on BBQ cooks with two levels.
  • Elevate the pizza stone high in the dome.

3. Atop EGG's ConvEGGtor:

  • XL grid is required as it supports the Expander.
  • Go big on BBQ cooks with two levels.
  • Elevate the pizza stone high in the dome.

What grid goes under the Expander:

Our Expander uses the grid you already own - the XL grid. For us, it is simple, why spend money on an extra grid when you already own a grid that works.

What about dividing the cooking area, half grid and half stone:

Get the Hanger, it is designed to give the best indirect set-up for the top half grid. You can set a half stone on the XL grid but it reduces the best grilling area (middle of grill) and is not as effective as the Hanger/Stone set-up.

What is the material and where is it made :

The XL Woo Expander is all 304 Stainless, designed and fabricated by us, right here in the USA. For comparison, Big Green EGG's EGGspander kit is made in China and yes, more expensive.

Thanks for supporting us and "Made in the USA". It is appreciated.

Customer Reviews

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David G
Looks like there are two versions of the expander

I was expecting the expander with the ability to adjust the cooking height, thinking it offers more flexibility. Am I mistaken in my assumption? Please explain the difference in utility between the two different expanders.