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LG/Pit Boss 24 Woo Ring

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The LG/Pit Boss 24 Woo Ring fits the Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss 24 Ceramic Grills.

The LG/Pit Boss Woo Ring is a two ring Stainless frame. The Woo's top ring holds the main LG/Pit Boss cooking grid near the felt opening. By elevating the cooking grid, we take full advantage of radiant heat and minimize our chances to burn the food. These cooks are called 'raised grid' and are typical grilling cooks in the 325°F - 425°'F range. With raised grid cooks handling food with tongs and turners is much easier too.

The Woo's small lower ring drops inside the firebowl and creates a platform to hold stones, grids, woks and such. Check the tabs to see what can be done on the lower ring.

More Detail - Click Tabs

The lower ring creates a platform to sear hot and fast above the fire. Just add a cast iron grid, griddle or your favorite searing plate. By getting closer to the fire, we don't have to have as big a fire when compared to using a grid higher up. Recommended round grid size is 14 to 16 inches. Big Green EGG's 15.75" Medium cast iron grid is pictured. You can call us to order it - calling is an EGG requirement.

And, when you get bored with grilling and smoking, try wokking with our 16" Carbon Steel Wok. It's a fun, different and maybe healthier cook.

The lower ring can also hold full or half ceramic stones under the cooking grid. Instead of the platesetter, use two half stones for the indirect, deflector, piece on BBQ cooks. Or, use one half stone to create a dual temperature zone when grilling foods that require more attention or differing methods.

Recommended stone size is 16". Add our 16" Stainless Drip Pan to keep the Stones and grill clean.

The Woo Ring can also hold the Pit Boss platesetter. It's an easy way to lift the platesetter without having to grab the hot ceramics. Just remove the cooking grid and grab the Woo's top ring. The platesetter slides into the Woo from the top.

The Pit Boss Woo is designed to work with the hinge on the PIt Boss' main cooking grid. To do so, the grid needs to be set a specific way. All you have to do is align the back side of the grid (no handle) with the leg that has the nut on it, see picture below left. And, make sure the two front legs align with the hinge, picture below right. That's it! Now the hinge moves freely.

The Pit Boss Woo Ring is fabricated inhouse by Ceramic Grill Store. The top ring's diameter is approximately 19". the lower ring's diameter is approximately 14". The Woo is fabricated from 1/4" Stainless round bar.

Customer Reviews

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Marco Verbon
Woo ring

This is a great addition for the K24 pit boss/ louisiana grill. It creates many more options for that grill. Nice job!

Hao Nguyen
Just what I needed!!!

Well made! It raises the main cooking grid level to a comfortable level (I didn’t like going into the hit ceramic and risking forearm). Packaging was cushioned and arrived in a timely manner with tips and care sheet.