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LG/Pit Boss 24 Ceramic Grill - XL Adjustable Rig Crossbars Replacement (Pair)

Original price $8.99 - Original price $8.99
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$8.99 - $8.99
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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

If you are purchasing an LG/Pit Boss 24 Adjustable Rig and have a tendency to misplace things or have small children, we recommend picking up a replacement pair of XL Crossbars.  

The Crossbars set inside the bracket notches on the Adjustable Rig. One runs across the front brackets. The other runs across the back brackets.

Fabricated from 1/4" 304 stainless round stock.  Sold in pairs. Made in the USA exclusively by CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.