ConvEGGtors, 3 Leg & Half Moon, Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg®


Big Green Egg®


ConvEGGtor®, also known as a platesetter, for all Big Green Egg® Grills

Most ceramic grill manufacturers prefer ceramic (pizza) stones over the 3 leg convEGGtor. Flat stones are easier to handle and offer more flexibility. CGS prefers ceramic stones and offers them at a better price point.  

Full Round with 3 Leg ConvEGGtors:

  • XL ConvEGGtor,
  • Large ConvEGGtor,
  • Medium ConvEGGtor,
  • Small ConvEGGtor,
  • MiniMax ConvEGGtor,

Flat Stones, Half Moon ConvEGGtors:

  • 2XL 24" Half Moon ConvEGGtor, 
  • XL 21" Half Moon ConvEGGtor, 
  • Large 16" Half Moon ConvEGGtor,
  • Medium 12" Half Moon ConvEGGtor, 

Note: You need two Half Moon ConvEGGtors to make a full round for indirect, BBQ cooks.

The convEGGtor®, also known as a platesetter, is a heat deflector that creates a barrier between the food and fire. A deflector is necessary on extended cooks, as it protects the bottom of the food from burning. 

Using a heat deflector (ceramic piece) in ceramic grills is universally called an indirect set-up. Most indirect set-up are typically:

  • BBQ cooks - ribs, brisket, pork butt or smoked chicken;
  • extended cooks with cook temperatures below 300°F,
  • delicate cooks that don't favor direct heat,
  • pizza cooks. 

The ConvEGGtor can use legs up with a grid on top. This is the common set up for grilling and BBQ. Or, the ConvEGGtor can be legs down which is the common pizza set-up. The pizza stone rests above the ConvEGGtor's plate.