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We don't sell paint, pools, or patio umbrellas. We stick with what we do best, ceramic grills. We are Dallas Fort Worth's Big Green EGG® experts with the coolest accessories. No dealer matches our EGG packages, knowledge and ability to get you properly outfitted. Come see what makes us so popular within the DFW Big Green EGG Nation. 

Whether it be a cart, table or outdoor kitchen, we have the best Big Green EGG packages in North Texas. At a minimum, we'll get you grilling the three most popular methods: 

  • grill hot & fast,
  • grill on a raised grid, and
  • smoke low & slow BBQ. 

We can also show you how to expand your capabilities with pizza, wokking, baking, cold smoking or loading the EGG with a big cook.    

Our packages include your choice of racks and ceramic deflectors. No other Metroplex dealer can offer the options or provide the guidance we can. We'll set you up with the proper accessories to meet your EGG needs. Don't worry if you don't know the 'what' or 'how'. We do and can walk you through several variations of:   

  • Fixed Grid Racks 
  • Multi-Level Racks 
  • Indirect Ceramic Deflectors 

In addition to the racks and ceramics, all our packages include the CGS Accessory Pack:

  • Grill Gripper;
  • Stainless Steel Ash Tool;
  • Package of 36 Fire Starters;
  • 20# Bag of Lump Charcoal.

Every XL EGG gets our Lump Rake and Ang-L Brackets. Both accessories are important tools for managing fire in this XL size grill. You won't find them anywhere else, as each is a CGS exclusive. 

Adding cooking flexibility and capability to the Big Green Egg is what we do better than anyone. Whether it be ours or Big Green EGG's rack systems, we can show you how to get the most from your EGG. We'll teach you what others simply don't know.

Challenge other dealers - Here is a question to ask other dealers: How do you set up a Large Big Green EGG to smoke 4 racks of babyback ribs flat (not upright in a rib rack) and full (not cut in half)?  It can't be done properly on just the Large's grid, but we can show you how to accessorize the Large to make it happen!   **Tip - Standing ribs upright is not the best way to smoke ribs. You can't adequately wrap them in foil/paper or conveniently slather them with BBQ sauce - two popular steps in smoking ribs.  

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, stop by for a hands-on demonstration. You'll be able to compare Big Green EGG with the other popular kamado grills. We can alert you to online "Kamado" hype and why you might want to shy away from some brands. We'll show you our favorite ceramic grill and more importantly, why it's our favorite. 

We want to make sure your new ceramic grill fits all your needs, not only now but also years from now - remember Big Green EGG ceramics are warrantied for a lifetime.....

Like we said, at Ceramic Grill Store, we don't sell paint, pools or patio umbrellas. Ceramic grills are what we do, bigger and better than anyone! We've been the leader in Big Green EGG accessories since 2005!