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Best on Price and Accessories

We are the EGG experts with the coolest accessories. No dealer matches our EGG packages. 

Whether it be a cart, table or built-in, we have your EGG configuration and at a great price. Buy from us and all you'll need to add is a match and meat...... 

Our EGG packages include the key racks and ceramics to get you grilling and smoking right away: sear hot & fast, roast on a raised grid and smoke low & slow BBQ. 

In addition to the racks and ceramics, all our packages include the CGS Accessory Pack:

  • Grill Gripper;
  • Large Stainless Ash Tool;
  • Big Bag of Fire Starters; and
  • 20# Bag of Charcoal.

Adding cooking flexibility and capability to the Large Big Green Egg is what we do better than anyone. Whether it be ours or Big Green EGG's rack systems, we can show you how to get the most from your EGG. Let us show you what others can't. 

If are you in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, stop by the store for a hands-on demonstration. You'll be able to compare Big Green EGG, Kamado Joe and Primo in our store. We want the make sure your new ceramic grill fits all your needs - remember these grills last a lifetime.....

At Ceramic Grill Store - ceramic grills is what we do, bigger and better than anyone! We'll show you how to do things with the Big Green Egg that no other dealer can offer. We've been the leaders in Big Green EGG accessories since 2005!