14 Inch Round Stainless Drip Pan


CGS Drip Pans



14" Stainless Drip Pan fits: 

-  directly on a 16" or larger cooking grid;
-  Large Woo Ring, all grills;
-  Large Adjustable Rig, all grills
-  Large Spider, Big Green Egg®
-  Large Spider, Vision Grills™ (except M or XL Series);
-  Large Spider 22" Pit Boss
-  Divide & Conquer System, Classic Kamado Joe®
-  ConveGGtor® (platesetter), Large Big Green Egg®

Use the 14" Stainless Drip Pan to catch drippings on low & slow, BBQ cooks.  Not having to burn off the crud, makes it easier for the next cook.  We recommend using a ceramic stone under the pan for added protection and thermal mass.  Check out our Ceramic Spacers to elevate the drip pan above the ceramic stone. 

Dimensions are tapered side and 14” diameter rolled top edge.  The shiny Stainless Pan will heat tarnish. Recommend foiling for easy clean up.  200 series Stainless Steel. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark from Wisconsin
Very good price on a very good product 14" drip pan

Quality product with nice depth. I will be using this drip pan on my 18" WSM and it fits perfectly on a grate just above the water bowl. Fast shipping, ordered on Monday and received on Thursday. Keep up the good work CGS!

14" Drip Pan 1" too small for Large BGE ConvEGGtor

Wish Ceramic Grill Store manufactured their own drip pans. These are a stainless steel serving tray intended for use in the restaurant/food service industry. Ideally the drip pan would be 15" to completely cover the Large BGE convEGGtor. BGE makes their own disposable drip pans now and they are the perfect 15" diameter. I've been covering the disposable drip pans with a sheet of Aluminum foil. Even after 10 uses they still look brand new. I'd recommend the BGE brand if you're you're in the market for a drip pan. By the way, see my other review on the 16" drip pan page. I found those are too big and actually restrict air flow through the BGE when trying to hit temperatures of 400º or more.

mike o'c
great value, quality product

better quality, thicker metal than i expected. very pleased.

this works really well on my 22" pit boss ceramic grill that I bought from costco a couple years ago

Paul F
Works great

Not much to say about this, it's a drip pan. It is however well made and study. I foil it prior to using for easy cleanup. I use it for smaller items on the BGE such as chicken and pork shoulders. For anything long like full rack of ribs I would recommend the larger drip pan.

Killer Drip Pan!

I'm the guy who went for a couple of years fashioning my own drip 'trays' out of foil wrap. Then I added this tray to an order I was placing, and now all I do is wrap this with a layer of foil, and whoala! Best and easiest drip tray ever.