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Tired of the same ole grilling methods, how about turning your Primo Grill into a rotisserie style grill. It is fun spinning whole chickens, pork roasts and beef tenderloins. It won't be long before you'll be dreaming up your own rotisserie recipes on the Primo.  

The Primo Rotisserie incorporates a metal frame that sits atop the base. The rotisserie frame faces front on the grill. The balance of the rotisserie kit is like other kits: motor mounting bracket, motor, spit rod and pair of tines. The only hardware install is attaching the motor mounting bracket (right side) to the base frame using 3 screws/nuts. The motor slides on and off the mounting bracket in seconds. The rod and tines follow typical rotisserie processes, thumb tighten the tines and slip the spit rod into the motor.  The rotisserie runs on conventional 120V, just plug it in and operate using the on/off switch. 

Primo Grill Rotisserie


Available Sizes:

  • PGXLTR - Rotisserie Primo 400 XL Oval
  • PGLGR - Rotisserie Primo 300 Large  Oval
  • PGJRR - Rotisserie Primo 200 Junior Oval
  • PGRR - Rotisserie Primo Round Kamado 

Basket and Kabob Holder options are forthcoming.

Manufactured by Primo® Grill.

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