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Large 3 or 5 Leg Spider - Large BGE

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Original price $24.99
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Choose/PIck Spider to match your fire ring

Large 3 & 5 Leg Spider for Large Big Green EGG®

The Spider is one of our cool, yet simple, inventions. It’s a multi-tasker that can be used with the Large Adjustable Rig or combined with other accessories for new cooking experiences.

Choose the Spider that matches your Large Egg's fire ring

  • Pick the 3 Leg Spider if the top edge of your egg's fire ring is smooth (current style) or has the 3 ConvEGGtor notches (old style).
  • Pick the 5 leg Spider if your egg's fire ring has 5 scallop shape dimples on top (very old style).

Popular set-ups using the Spider in the Large Big Green Egg

  • 14.5" heavy duty stainless grid, sear close to the fire
  • 15" Half Stone, two zone grilling
  • elevate the 13" pizza stone on ConvEGGtor
  • 16" wok, most folks prefer it up
  • elevate 18" large CI Grid for easier food handling.
  • 13" Stone, big BBQ cooks on Rig
  • elevate hot objects above table
  • 16" wok, down inside the fire ring

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The Spider is a handy accessory that provides a wide range of flexibility. The bullet points follow the popular photo set-ups outlined above.

  • Drop inside the fire ring and get closer to the fire for searing, blackening or grilling. Getting closer to fire means we don't have to grill as hot when compared to grilling atop the fire ring. 13" Cast Iron Grid is recommended.
  • Pair the Spider with the 15" Half Ceramic Stone to divide the cooking area into two zones. Zone one is direct to the fire. Zone two is indirect with the Half Stone blocking the heat. Cooking grid is sitting atop the fire ring.
  • Pair the Spider with the 13" Round Ceramic Stone and Big Green Egg ConvEGGtor to create a pizza set-up. The Spider provides approximately 2" space between ConvEGGtor and Stone and helps push the pizza stone up in the dome. 13" stone matches up nicely to the ConvEGGtor's diameter - helps prevent burned curst.
  • Wokking with the Spider up puts the top of the 16" wok near the felt line. Having it up make it easier to handle the wok and cook. Most folks prefer up.
  • It can be a hassle flipping burgers when the grid is on the fire ring. If you have the large cast iron grid, the Spider can raise the grid up a couple inches to make flipping much easier. It only works with the cast iron grid.
  • Pair the Spider with the 13" round ceramic stone to set-up indirect for big barbeque cooks on the Adjustable Rig. This is the set-up for 4 pork butts or two briskets on the Large Adjustable Rig.
  • Use the Spider outside the EGG to keep hot objects off your table. Perfect solution for managing a hot ConvEGGtor, grid, stone or pan.
  • If you like wokking hot and fast, it's Spider down and 16" wok. Good steak fire is all you need to wok.
Searing Steaks Big Cook Wok

Fabricated using 1/4" 304 Stainless Steel Round Bar. Tig welds for added strength.

Ring OD is approximately 11.75". Legs drop approximately 1.5".

USA made exclusively by Ceramic Grill Store in our wire fabrication shop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Wills

Great product. Very well made. 4/5 b/c I have the most recent L BGE model. Bought from rep. The fire ring does NOT have 3 OR 5 grooves for these to sit it. Does not make a huge difference. The wok is a little unstable as a result.

Otherwise, it’s great. Would purchase again.

Use Inverted for Steaks with a Perfect Steakhouse Crust

I consider this an essential tool for cooking steaks. Bring the steaks to within 10º of my desired temperature over indirect heat at a relatively low temp.

Then I remove the indirect setup and install this spider into the BGE inverted (legs up) with a 13" Cast Iron grate (this is the size designed for the BGE Mini Max) set on top of it. I open both vents all the way and let the temperatures hit 700º. You can only sear a few steaks at a time with this method, but I only sear them for 30 seconds per side. BE SURE TO wear gloves and BURP your EGG due to the inferno that will develop.

This spider from Ceramic Grill Store works way better than using the BGE EGGspander which BGE claims you can use inverted. I tried it that way but found the Cast Iron Grate wobbled on it due to the welded upright handles sitting in the wrong spots. Certainly don't want a 700º cast iron grate wobbling over a pricey BGE. This CGS spider solved my issue perfectly and produced steaks steaks with a delicious crust.