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CGS Chariot - Ceramic Grill Mover

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After delivering our first ceramic grill (years ago), we recognized one important thing: we needed to come up with an efficient way to move the grills. We tried numerous moving methods but it did not take long to recognize our chariot mover was/is the quickest and easiest way to move a kamado grill.

For the last couple years, we've offered the chariot to our in-store customers who did self installs. When they returned the chariot, we generally asked, how'd it go. The consistent response we heard was....the chariot made the job so easy.

The Chariot package includes 3 of the 4 key pieces to building your own chariot:

  • two cut-to-form wood braces;
  • two threaded rods with nuts/washers;
  • screws to attach the braces to the arms.

You'll need to add the fourth key piece: two 2" x 4" wood arms. It's a quick trip to your local lumberyard for two 2"x 4"x 8' wood studs. We don't include the arms because shipping them cost more than buying them. 

Tools need to build the chariot: 

We include these tools in the Chariot kit:

  • bit to drill the pilot holes for the screws;
  • Phillips head screw bit for your drill to drive the screws;
  • spade bit to drill the holes for the threaded rod;

You need to supply these tools:

  • saw, drill, measuring tape and pencil. 

We include a video link to a build tutorial with each kit purchase. The cool thing is once you have the Chariot, you'll be set for any future moves. Don't be surprised if friends or family want to borrow it!

NOTE: Due to the special nature of the chariot kit, it is non-returnable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Leonard Cianciotto
Very helpful but not the only option

With young friends or family members, you really don't need this for most situations. They can just lift from the hinge and the ash opening. However, I got a Big Joe III, and I didn't want to risk anyone getting injured, so this was a modest investment. I think plant lifters or just young muscle would do the trick, though. Nevertheless, I don't regret getting this. The assembly was pretty simple and the videos are thorough. Now the only issue I have is finding a place to store this, since I probably won't need it again for many years. Bottom line--it's a great product. It did the job for me.

Kemp Riechmann
Ceramic Grill Mover

Purchased the ceramic grill mover for the Komado Big Joe III 24 inch grill. Assembled the tool and had Lowes cut a 2X4X10 in half ($5.79). Once assembled the device worked exactly as the video showed. It took 3 of us to lift the large Komado into its carriage. There was no damage to the grill.
I would suggest that you offer an option to pre-drill the holes and send the 2x4's to a customer. Also, maybe design a template one can lay over the each 2x4 and which would allow an inexperienced carpenter to have confidence the holes are drilled in the right location and assembled correctly.

Would recommend this device to anyone who needs to move a ceramic grill and it can be stored easily for future use. 5 out of 5 stars.


Kevin Braun

The Chariot is absolutely answer for lifting the Kamado Big Joe and worked perfectly for me. Only one problem I encountered was in the directions. It refers you to a “How to assemble” you tube video that tells you it is no longer available on you tube! So I then rewatched the sales video and paused the video so I could see where to drill mounting screws while he was handling the unassembled parts of the Chariot. Maybe need to look into this issue?

Dennis C
Does the Job!

Recently got a Big Joe Gen 3 and its a BEAST! I knew that 4 strong bodies and grit were NOT going to be enough. Searched around and looked at the strap solutions and just didn't feel comfortable with them. THEN i found the Chariot! Assembled it per the instructions and even added some Gorilla wood glue for extra strength. Did the job perfectly. Grill moved from the garage, across a large back yard, up some porch stairs and to the KJ stand. It only took two guys to do it with the Chariot! Shipping was fast too! Well worth the money they charge for this thing.

Big Joe 3 Move

As you’re probably aware, the Big Joe 3 is BIG! At approximately 238 lbs empty, moving it any distance is something you definitely want to plan. I had to move mine from the garage down a hill and around to my back patio, about 250-300 ft. After reviewing the Chariot, I decided to give it a try. I did modify it slightly by applying wood glue to the wood braces and the 2x4 wood arms before screwing them together. I also did not cut the wood arms down to 60” but instead left them their full 8’ for better access during lifting and carry. I let them dry 48 hours and they seemed as well bonded as one could expect. Then, with four people, one per arm, we careful lifted the kettle about 6 inches clear of the ground and slowly walked it around to the back patio. No question the wood braces were straining but they held fine. Then, we briefly stopped and reposition to allow lifting of the Big Joe 3 high enough to clear the four retaining arms on the wheeled stand. This required lifting the Big Joe 3 approximately three feet which, while doable, did required teamwork. Once the Big Joe 3 was centered in its stand, we removed the Chariot arms and inspected the body for damage. Everything was fine, not even an abrasion mark on the body. I was very pleased and relieved when the job was done as prior to finding the Chariot, I wasn’t sure at all as to how I would accomplish the move. Complicating things were the limited (2) lift points on the Big Joe 3 as well as it’s 238 lbs heft. A bit much for two guys - especially given the fragility of its ceramic construction. (My local Kamado Joe dealership here in Atlanta offered no ideas, suggestions, or knew of any 3rd party who could help. In other words, a “not my problem” post sale attitude.) Thanks CGS for making this possible!