Nest Handler, Select Grills - Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg


Big Green Egg


Nest Handler for Select Big Green Egg Grills

  • XXLarge Nest Handler - MUST be ordered with each XXL Nest 114730 665719114730 
  • XLarge Nest Handler - recommended for all XL Nests 302083 665719302083
  • Large Nest Handler (fits Nest w/ 4 in / 10.16cm casters) 301086 665719301086 
  • Large Curved Bracket for New Band (117984) Assembly, 117571, 665719117571, see below if needed
  • Medium Nest Handler 302076 665719302076 
  • Medium Curved Bracket for New Band (120021) Assembly, 117588, 665719117588, see below if needed

If your Egg is in a nest and you move it around, then the Nest Handler is a wise accessory. The Handler provides a rigid mount that will minimize any chance of trouble while moving the Egg.

When rolling the Egg in the Nest, always pull the egg toward you. Never push the Egg away from you. By pulling, if you hit a small obstruction and the egg tips, it will tip toward you where you can brace it. The Handler makes it much easier to pull and move your Egg. 

Curved Bracket: If you have the new band assembly for the Large (117984) or Medium (120021) EGG, you'll need to add the Curved Bracket to the Handler Kit. So, it's two parts you need: Handler & Curved Bracket.

  • Large EGG: Handler (301086) & Curved Bracket (117571)
  • Medium EGG: Handler (302076) & Curved Bracket (117588)