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Update on Availability: Hopefully, late May or June. 

Finally, a stylish EGG® cart that is super functional 

All we can say is: when current EGG owners give The Cuna cart the 'once over' in our store, the overwhelming consensus is.....very cool and super functional.

Here are the "likes" on The Cuna cart:

  • big Stainless shelves that fold easily and hold weight;
  • clean site lines with the tubular design;
  • easy to set the EGG, slides straight in, no up & over;
  • handy bottom storage rack;
  • big wheels, rolls easily, wheel locks;
  • slide out ash tray, simple solution to a messy job.

The Cuna cart is available for the Large or XL EGG. Cuna covers are available too. The Cuna goes together quickly - add wheels, 4 bolts/nuts and 2 pins.

Here is a quick video on the cart. The Cuna cart will bring years of enjoyment. Looks cool too!

Please note, due to the special nature of the product, grill covers are non-returnable and non-refundable. 

Cuna Cart Footprint:

  • Large 25.5" x 21" base,
    • 60.5" Span Shelves Up
    • 26" Span Shelves Down
  • XL: 27.5" x 23.5" base,
    • 67" Span Shleves Up
    • 33" Span Shelves Down


Not affiliated with Big Green EGG. EGGs shown are not included. 

Customer Reviews

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Brian Hayes
Excellent Cart Option for the BGE

I've had my XL for several years and 2 years ago shelled out $2 grand for a Challenger cart. Well... While functional, it was a beast and looked hideous on the back porch. Wife was constantly on my back about it. So the hunt started and I came across the Cuna Cart. Took 25 minutes to put together, including unboxing. Here why this is (IMHO) the best cart option on the market:
- Incredibly robust and sturdy
- Wheels are large, smooth and all of them lock. They can also be adjusted for height for uneven surfaces.
- Adjustable spacers that keep the egg tight inside the cart
- Shelves that easily fold
- Small footprint which helps the wife approval factor

Highly recommend