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XL Ang-L Brackets (Pair)

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The Ang-L Brackets fit the XL Big Green Egg®.

The XL Ang-L Brackets are an alternative to the XL Lump Reducing Rings. The Brackets take a slightly different approach to managing lump in the xl firebox. With the Lump Reducing Rings, you shrink the overall diameter of the firebox. With the Ang-L Brackets, you partition the firebox into lump and non-lump sections. It's easy to partition the firebox for direct and/or indirect cooks.

The Ang-L Brackets work in pairs. To create the desired lump formation, set the Ang-L Brackets on the xl’s cast iron, lump grate and angle them to achieve the desired pattern. Can be set 1/4 to 3/4 circles. If forming angles less than 180 degrees, the Brackets legs will overlap slightly. When using the Ang-L Brackets, make sure the Brackets legs face out and away from the lump. Bracket legs out insures proper airflow under the lump. Made with 14 gauge stainless steel and 3.5 inches tall.  Made in the USA exclusively by CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.  Sold in Pairs. 

Pictured below are three pie shape formations for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 firebox. The fourth formation, below right is the 1/2 formation expanded to 3/4. Just about any angle from 30 thru 330 degrees is possible.

ang-l brackets on one quarter firebox in xl big green egg

half setting on ang-l brackets in xl big green egg

three-quarter setting ang-l brackets in xl big green egg

two thirds firebox with ang-l brackets in xl big green egg

The Ang-L Brackets are built to handle high-heat cooks. They are laser cut from 14 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel. A pair weighs over two pounds. Each Bracket leg is approximately 3.5" tall, matching the depth of the firebox. The Bracket’s side edge is angled to match the curvature of the firebox wall. Below are a couple cooks.  

The steaks are seared to medium rare over the back half of the firebox. Sliced mushroom are in the foil pouch. We find it easier to use the back half of the firebox on half firebox cooks. 

steak cook over ang-l brackets in xl big green egg

With the brats, the Ang-L Brackets are set to one quarter firebox size. We moved the brats back and forth over the lump to make sure the casings did not break open. We like 'em to ooze with juice on each bite, so it's a lite char cook on a raised grid. 

brat cook on flip ring over ang-l brackets in xl big green egg

With the spatchcock chicken cook below, the Brackets are approximately one-third of the firebox. The dome temp is 350-375. A piece of foil is positioned on the lump grate (under the roasting bird) to catch the fat drippings and minimize burning fat.  

The cook starts with the bird skin side down directly over the lump to get the skin rendering. Next, the bird is moved to the opposite side of the grid to roast, breast away from the heat/lump. If needed, the bird can be moved back over the lump (skin side down) to crisp the skin near the end.

spatchock chicken over ang-l bracket in xl big green egg

Use one of the brackets to scoop or shovel the lump into position. Saves getting your hands messy. The Ang-L Brackets work with the XL Spider, XL Woo Ring, XL Adjustable Rig and Kick Ash Basket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
small cooks

These work as advertised. I successfully split the fire box area in half in my BGE to cook burgers and chicken breast.

Nick R.
Works Well

It puts the fire where you need it - uses less charcoal and works great for indirect cooking.