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This Combo is designed to be used in tandem with the XL Big Green EGG®

The XL Adjustable Rig 2 Grid Combo includes:
- XL Adjustable Rig & Pair Crossbars;
- 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid:
- 20" Round Stainless Grid;
- XL Slide Guide.

The combo works with Big Green Egg's ConvEGGtor® and 24" grid for multi-grid, low & slow, BBQ cooks. Or, set the Rig with Grid(s) right on the fire ring for raised grid grilling cooks. See below for more on what the Combo can do.

Add the 18" Ceramic Stone for a pizza stone or to duplicate the brisket cook in the video.

The set-up in the brisket cook video will be your favorite when barbequing on one grid. Simply, the XL Rig, 18" Stone, 18" Drip Pan and 20" Grid is the best indirect (BBQ) set-up in the market today. Nothing matches it for flexibility and performance on any ceramic grill! Plus, there is nothing easier to use!

Here is what the Combo can do:

- add one or two grids above the xl grid to grill;
- add one or two grids above the convEGGtor/grid to barbeque;
- set the Rig and grid on the fire ring for raised grid grilling;
- push a stone high in the dome, ideal position for pizza;
- push a grid high in the dome, great for high temperature cooks with the platesetter, wings;
- add veggies or another meat (ribs, sausage) on the back end of the long brisket or butt cook;
- roast steaks before or after a sear on a raised grid;
- slide the middle grid in and out with 3 grids on the ConvEGGtor;
- slide the lower grid in and out when grilling 2 grids on the Rig, lower grid at the felt line;
- typical BBQ capacities are 6-8 pork butts, 3-4 briskets, 6-9 full racks of ribs, 6 full salmon fillets, multiple - chickens or a bunch of chicken parts.

What's in the Combo: 

  1. XL Adjustable Rig with Pair Crossbars.  The Rig sits directly on the fire ring or atop the xl platesetter/grid.  The Crossbars hold items inside the Rig. 
  2. The 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid fits inside and slides in/out of the Rig.  It fits on top of the Rig too. 
  3. The 20" Round Stainless Grid goes on top of the Rig. 
  4. The Slide Guide makes it easy to slide the 16"x20" Oval Grid in and out of the XL Rig.  It works on the Rig's two lower notch settings.

Fabricated using Stainless steel components. Made in the USA exclusively by/for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

Important:  If your Egg® is 2012 or older, you need to verify that the XL Rig will work with the ConvEGGtor® in your XL.  See "What fits my XL" here to check!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joe Mirarchi
Great Product, Friendly Service, Terrible Beginner's Documentation

This product is superior by leaps and bounds to any accessory I have seen from Big Green Egg. The grids are a lot heavier and sturdier than the stock ones. The product design is ingenious and actually allows you to place three (albeit, crammed) grids on top of your heat deflector instead of two. The sliding rack is a great idea and adds convenience. The product is well-designed and guides you into adding the components in the right position. Customer service is friendly and responsive.

So, what’s the issue?

Tom has a serious weakness on the website in educating new grill owners like me. The technical information is all there, but it is scattered and hard to find.

CGS should really have an ad running, or at minimum an easy-to-understand webpage, that quickly summarizes the important information a new grill owner would need to make the purchase. It would go something like this:

“Shopping for a new Big Green Egg? Before you purchase a convEGGtor, the accessory you will need for indirect cooking, give us a try. Every BGE owner ultimately wants more space. For a fraction of the price of the convEGGtor and BGE-branded accessories, receive everything you need to cook on 2 (or even 3!) racks at one time. Plus, get an easy way to take your setup in and out of the grill to add lump charcoal or smoking chips, or to cook with a mixed direct and indirect setup.”

That’s everything in one paragraph. Less is sometimes more. I am happy to take a look at a website update!

Brent Neufelder
Great for big cooks

I just did three packer briskets on my XL BGE and then 9 racks of St. Louis ribs after that for work today. These device is incredible for big cooks. I also have played around with it some for smaller cooks and pulled off pizza successfully for the first time. Highly recommend.

Just received the new rack

Just received my rack--planning on smoking turkey. I really like the set up as it gives the ability to continue to add wood to your fire during a long and slow smoke.

Scott A
Can't imagine my Egg without it

Quality and Versatility are the words I would use to describe this accessory. I wouldn't want to imagine life without it. Get the customer combo with the woo and indirect pieces and you will be able to do things you never imagined. I LOVE this product.

ed m
Combo Quality

I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. All you BGE owners, this is quality merchandise. I purchased online and only wish they had a outlet here in Ontario, Canada. It works superbly on my BGE and I wouldn't be without it. I t opens up new doors for que. I highly advise you to partake in this addition and open up new horizons !