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XL Woo Adjustable Rig Combo - XL BGE

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The XL Woo Adjustable Rig Combo fits the XL Big Green EGG®.

The XL Woo Adjustable Rig Combo is the full "Monty" when it comes to set-ups in the XL EGG®. From single to multi-grid, from high heat to high in the dome, this Combo has it covered. No other matches the Combo's capabilities.

Oh, and it doesn't have to be complicated, check the brisket video's the best single grid set-up for smoking BBQ in any EGG. We'll put money on it!

What's in the Combo:
  1. XL Woo Ring is a two-ring platform. The top ring holds the XL grid - perfect for raised grid cooks near the felt line. The lower ring creates a platform inside the fire ring - ideal spot to sear/wok hot & fast or create an indirect set-up with the 18" Round Ceramic Stone. Handles are included.
  2. XL Adjustable Rig with Pair Crossbars is the multi-level rack that holds grids, stones and such above the fire ring. The Rig can sit directly on the fire ring or atop the Woo/XL grid. The Rig Crossbars hold items inside the Rig. The front of the Rig is open for easy access.
  3. 18" Pair Half Ceramic Stone replaces the Big Green EGG ConvEEGtor® on BBQ cooks. Pair half stones provide more options than one full stone. The Woo or Rig holds the Stone. Can be used as a pizza stone too - best spot is atop the Rig.
  4. 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid sits inside or atop the Rig. It can slide in/out of the Rig on the optional XL Slide Guide. The Grid fits the Woo's lower ring to grill/sear close to the fire. The Oval Grid holds big foods, including 3 full racks of baby back or St. Louis style ribs.

  * The XL EGG grid can't sit atop the XL Adjustable Rig. The grid does not fit inside the dome.

  ** If you do not want handles on the XL Woo, write us a note in the Special Instructions box on the Cart Page. Say, 'No handles on XL Woo please.'.

More Detail - Click Tabs

Simply, the XL Rig, 18" Stone, 18" Drip Pan and 20 Grid is the best indirect (BBQ) set-up in the market today for kamado grills. Nothing matches it for convenience and performance. We'll put the XL Rigs capability up against any rack system on the market.

The set-up yields better airflow, provides easy access to the lump and produces more consistent temperatures over the grid. What XL EGG owners love about this set-up is you don't have to touch anything to manage fire or smoke.

Working the low and high grilling positions.......

Pop the 20" Half Grid atop the Rig and you have a nice staging platform above the Woo, ConvEGGtor or XL grid. Slide the 18" Half Stone in and out for more capability. Watch the quick video.

Go 3 Grids - 9 Racks of Ribs

"Show me a guy doing competition ribs in a veritical rib rack and I'll show you the guy who will probably finish near the bottom."

To go 3 grid levels, you need to add the 20" Round Stainless grid and XL Slide Guide. It's an option when picking the Combo above.  

  • The 20" Round Stainless Grid sits atop the Rig. The 20" Grid can also be used as a searing grid on the XL Woo's lower ring.
  • XL Slide Guide makes it easy to slide the 16"x20" Oval Grid in/out of the Rig.

Pictured: That's 8 or 9 racks of babyback or St. Loius style ribs. Note, the XL EGG grid sitting atop the Woo (bottom grid) is not included. The XL grid came with your EGG. The convEGGtor can replace the XL Woo and 18" Stone in the 3 grid cook.

Managing the lump for optimum effeciency.

The Ang-L Brackets shape the lump for small or specialized grilling cooks. Perfect way to shrink the XL EGG for small cooks. We prefer the flexibility with the Ang-L Brackets over our Lump Reducing Rings.

The Brackets create a wall opposite the fire box. So, when you add lump, it's consistantly the same depth. Consistant lump = consistant burn = consistant temperatures across the cooking grid.

The Ang-L Brackets let you create two zone grilling. You have options on how to partion the two zones. Check the drippings in the foil under the chicken in the picture below. With most grills, the drippings would burn off.    

The Ang-L Brackets are fabricated using 14 gauge Stainless Steel. Built to last by Ceramic Grill Store.

Sold as a pair.

Ang-L Brackets

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Other popular XL accessories to expand your talents.......

18" Drip Stainless Drip Pan matches nicely with our 18" Round Ceramic Stone. Foil the Pan for easy clean up. Use a pan to keep moisture out of the Stone. Pan keeps the grill clean for the next cook.

If you have young kids or tend to misplace things, get an extra set of Crossbars. We know this one from experience!

We've owned an XL for years and designed the Lump Rake to help control hot and cold spots. We light the lump in multiple spots, let it burn in and then use the Rake to remix the lump. Give it 5 minutes and you'll have a nice even fire, ready for grilling. We use the Lump Rake on just about every grilling cook.

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If your XL Big Green EGG is new or only a couple years old, you can skip this part.

From 2008 to 2012, the XL EGG went through several improvements. If your grill is older, we recommend you take the measurements outlined below to confirm capabilities.

XL Woo Ring: To make sure the XL Woo Ring fits, measure from the top of the fire ring to the felt line. The measurement needs to be approximately 3". See picture below left.

XL Adjustable Rig: For the XL Adjustable Rig to work in tandem with the XL Woo or EGG ConvEGGtor, the measurement from grid to daisy wheel needs to be at least 16". Follow the three steps and see picture below right.

  • set the XL Big Green EGG cooking grid on the fire ring and close the dome;
  • slide a tape through the daisy wheel until it hits the grid;
  • take the measurement at the daisy wheel. It needs to be approximately 16".

Quick video talking about how the grids work with the XL Adjustable Rig.

Add a wok to the XL Woo. Wokking is a fun alternative cook. Can be healthier cook too. Our 16" wok fit the XL Woo. Don't forget the accessories.

XL Woo Ring Specs

  • XL Woo Ring raises the XL Big Green EGG grids approximately 2.5". The XL EGG grids can be half-moon, full round, cast iron or Stainless. The cooking grid will sit just below felt line, keeping the grid inside the EGG. Cast Iron Grids do not fit the XL Woo with handles.
  • XL Woo sits in/out of the ConvEGGtor® notches atop the fire ring. The Woo's lower ring drops 1.5" or 2" into the fire ring, depending it' s in or out of the notches. Any round object 14" to 20" in diameter fits on the lower ring.
  • XL Woo's top ring diameter is 23" OD. Bottom ring diameter is 14" OD. +/- 3/32".
  • XL EGG ConvEGGtor® can sit inside the XL Woo. Recommend handles on the XL Woo for this.
  • XL Woo is fabricated using 5/16" 304 Stainless Steel round bar. It's fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store, USA product.
  • Note: Big Green EGG's 21" XL ceramic pizza stone does not fit the XL Woo's lower ring. The Stone is too big for the fire ring.  

16"x20" Oval and optional 20" Round Stainless Grid Specs

  • The 16"x20" Oval Grid is a trimmed 20" Round Stainless Grid.
  • Both Grids are fabricated using 0.187" and 0.250" diameter EPQ Stainless Steel wire with electro-polish finish for improved performance and durability. The EPQ wire and finish make it easier to clean the grid after each cook.
  • The 16"x20" Oval Grid sits on top or inside the Rig. Inside, it sits on top of the Crossbars or Slide Guide.
  • The 20" Round Grid sits on top the Rig or on Woo's lower Ring;
  • Both Grids are Made in the USA exclusively for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

Specs for the XL Adjustable Rig

  • The XL Rig can sit: (check the "Important" tab)
    • directly on the fire ring;
    • atop the XL Woo with handles;
    • atop the XL Woo/XL EGG grid, or
    • atop the XL ConvEGGtor/XL grid.
  • XL Rig's overall height is 6 inches.
  • Top ring diameter is 19.25" OD and the bottom ring diameter is 23" OD. +/- 3/32"
  • The notch settings in the 4 vertical brackets are are: 1.5", 3.0", 4.0" and 4.75" above the fire ring.
  • The Crossbars or Slide Guide sit in the notches and hold a grid, stone, pan and such.
  • Opening between the front two brackets is approximately 16.5", wide enough for 3 racks of babyback or St. Louis ribs.
  • Fabricated using Stainless 5/16" round bar and 3/16" plate.
  • The 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid is designed to slide in/out and sit atop the XL Rig.
  • The 20" Round Stainless Grid is designed to sit atop the XL Rig.
  • One pair of Crossbars is included. Crossbars are fabricated from 1/4" Stainless round bar.
  • XL Adjustable Rig is fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store, USA product.

Specs for the XL Slide Guide with Crossbar

  • XL Slide Guide fits the bottom two bracket notches and aids in sliding items in and out of the XL Rig.
  • Fabricated using 1/8"x1/2" Stainless flat stock and 1/4" Stainless round bar.
  • The XL Slide Guide is fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store, USA product.

Cool thing about the XL Rig & EGG ConvEGGtor:  The XL Adjustable Rig can be used with the Big Green EGG ConvEGGtor®. So, if you have the ConvEGGtor and don't need the Woo, checkout our XL Adjustable Rig 2 Grid Combo package. We highly recommend adding the 18" Ceramic Stone and 18" Drip Pan to the XL Rig 2 Grid Combo - lets you do the brisket video and big pizza cooks. Make sure you check the "important" tab above.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
So Happy

The rig makes second shelf cooking so easy! So glad I made the purchase and customer service is great!

Eric Bryan
Easy return, right-sized XL rig combo works great

I ordered the wrong sized item by mistake, and needed to return for the XL combo. CGS communication was great in helping facilitate the return and refund. Product quality is excellent. It worked great this weekend cooking pizzas, and I love the flexibility in being able adjust the cook heights

Woo is Woo-tastic!

I have only used the Rig/Stones to date, but it is a new world compared to the Conveggtor. Did anyone mention the Woo has handles? I have ordered the same set for my L Egg at Lake house.

Mark Bailey
The XL Woo Adjustable Rig Combo

This unit fits perfectly in my XL BGE.
It adds an extra layer to my cooking.
I used it for the first time making pizza and it turned out great.
I will continue to look for new accessories at The Ceramic Grill Store for my BGE!

Brian Lacy
Great product and great service

This product is very well designed and appears to be made from high spec material. The craftsmanship is impressive and the price is right. Service from the Ceramic Grill Store is outstanding. The videos are very helpful as well. Thank you!