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XL 3 Leg Spider - XL BGE

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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

This XL Spider fits the XL Big Green EGG®.

The Spider is one of our cool, yet simiple, inventions. It's a multi-tasker that can be combined with other accessories for new cooking experiences.

The XL Spider sits atop the fire ring. It can hang down, creating a platform inside the fire ring. Or, the XL Spider can be inverted, up, creating a platform between the fire ring and felt rim.

When down inside the fire ring, the XL Spider offers similar functionality as the XL Woo's lower ring. The drop varies from 1.25" to 2.0", depending if its in/out of the notches. Using the Spider is a great way to sear hot & fast, wok or add a half/full stone under the grid above.

Down, the XL Spider can hold any round object from 14" to 20" in diameter. This includes our 20" Stainless Grids, 18" Round/Half Ceramic Stones and 16" wok. We prefer to use the 18" Large Cast Iron Grid for searing steaks and burgers close to the fire.

In the inverted (up) position, the XL Spider sits above the fire ring, creating a platform between the fire ring and felt rim. Up is a great way to elevate certain cooks slightly away from the fire. A good example is a dutch oven cook. The XL Spider can also be used to elevate the pizza stone up above the ConvEGGtor/platesetter on pizza cooks.

Recommended Accessories:

  • 14" to 20" grids, Note XL Grids will not fit the Spider.
  • 16" Carbon Steel Wok;
  • 18" Round Ceramic full or half stones; Half recommended, can do more.
  • 18" Stainless Drip Pan;
  • Can be used under the XL Adjustable Rig to set-up indirect for BBQ cooks;

The XL Spider is fabricated using 5/16" Stainless round bar. Typical first impression by folks in our store is holy ...., it's solid.

Ring OD is approximately 14". Legs drop approximately 1.5". Tig welds for improved strength and durability. The XL Spider does not interfere with airflow. The XL Spider can sit in or out of the fire ring notches - it's your choice.

The Spider does not interfere with Ash baskets, including Kick Ash baskets and cans.

USA made exclusively by Ceramic Grill Store in our wire fabrication shop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
C wadley
Awesome product!

Just got my spider for my xl green egg. I already had a ceramic pizza round and they went together perfectly. What a great product! Used it to make indirect heat for smoking. This was my first attempt ever to make a brisket and everything went great! I would highly recommend this product!

XL Spider

I wish i would have known about the spider for the XL before i got the BGE platesetter. The spider is thick, heavy-gauge steel and it lives in my XL. I use it with a stone and the adjustable rig and oval grid setup (this way, I can add wood chunks for smoke flavor throughout the cook) and I even use the spider to hold kebabs directly over the fire. this is a versatile and necessary accessory that every XL Big Green Egg owner MUST have.

Works Awesome...

This is a great item if you want to use a WOK on your BGE. I bought this and could not be happier. Built for years of use...

ed m
Best add-on

Great construction, great for woking on BGE !

Ed M
# 1

This allows another option for cooking level and is great for Wok use.