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XL Big Green EGG Expander - CGS Woo

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CGS's XL Big Green EGG Expander raises the XL grid, holds EGG's ConvEGGtor and lifts in/out easily via handles. Go 18" Half-Moon Deflectors for expanded capabilities. Great price!

Please note, this Expander only fits the XL Big Green EGG.

Expander Capabilities:

  • Top ring holds the XL cooking grid just below the felt line.
  • The bottom ring holds an assortment of grids, griddles, stones, drip pans and woks - any round accessory between 16" and 20" diameter.
  • The bottom ring supports EGG's ConvEGGtor or CGS's 18" Half Ceramic Stones for indirect BBQ cooks. Most find the Pair 18" Half Stones and 18" Stainless Drip Pan more productive and less expensive than EGG's ConvEGGtor.
  • Handles make for easy in & out.
  • The Expander supports the CGS XL Adjustable Rig and 2nd Flexible Grid for super raised or multiple grid capabilities.



Customize with Recommended Options:

1. 18" Half-Moon Deflectors vs. ConvEGGtor

  • Two half-moons provide more options when grilling.
  • Half-moons are easier to add/remove during a cook, slide them out.
  • Half-moons are more economical to replace should one break.

2. 18" Stainless Drip Pan

  • Economical way to protect the Heat Deflector and EGG from messy meat drippings.
  • Reusable, double foil for easy clean up.
  • Matches in size the ConvEGGtor's circular plate.

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What rack system

The XL Big Green EGG is one of the best grills on the market. If picking a rack system feels a little daunting right now, not to worry, just start with the CGS XL Big Green EEG Expander and maybe the recommended options. Together, they will handle a good chunk of your routine cooks. Later when you have a better feel for your needs, you can add the related accesories.

On XL Woo's top (23") ring:

  • XL Woo's top ring sits just below the felt line, top of base.
  • The 24" XL grid slips over the Woo's handles and sits on the ring.
  • EGG's XL Cast Iron Grids and Griddles are not recommended. We recommend keeping cast iron cookware close to the fire, where it can absorb the necessary heat to do its thing.


On XL Woo's lower (15") ring:

  • XL Woo's lower ring sits near the top of the fire ring.
  • Any round grids and griddles between 16" and 20" diameter can be used on the lower ring.
  • CGS' 20" Round Stainless grid is recommended for conventional grilling. Same grid used on the XL Adjutable Rig. The grid's effective grilling area almost equals the inside area fo the fire ring.
  • 18" Large Full Round Cast Iron Grid is recommended for grilling on cast iron. It is cheaper than buying two XL Cast Iron Half Grids and provides ample grilling area.
  • EGG's XL Half Cast Iron Grids and Griddles do not fit the lower ring.

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Heat Deflectors:

  • CGS's Pair 18" Half-Moon Deflectors and EGG's ConvEGGtor sit inside the Expander. They are basically the same diameter (shown below).
  • EGG's XL ConvEGGtor slips into the XL Woo from the top.
  • The Half-Moon Deflectors slide in from the side, so there is no interference with the XL Grid.
  • CGS 18" Half Stones are cheaper and provide more options than Egg's ConvEGGtor.
  • Any accessory between 16" and 20" diameter fits the Woo's lower ring.
  • Egg's 21" XL Half or Full Round Ceramic Stones do not fit the XL Woo's lower ring.


Drip Pans

  • As shown above, CGS' 18" Round Stainless Drip Pan is the best fit for CGS' 18 Half Stones or EGG's convEGGtor. Foil the Drip Pan for easy clean up. The Stainless Pan is reusable.
  • EGG's XL Disposable Aluminum Pans are an option too.
  • CGS Ceramic Spacers elevate the 18" Drip Pan off/above the 18" Half Stones. Maximum spacer height is 1.5" for use on CGS' Ceramic Stones or EGG's ConvEGGtor. Shown are CGS 0.5" and 2.0" Spacers. Note the 2" spacers are resting on their 1.5" side.

If your XL Big Green EGG is new or only a couple years old, you can skip this part.

The XL Woo works with flat and 3 (ConvEGGtor) notched fire rings.

From 2008 to 2012, the Big Green EGG XL grill went through a couple improvements. If your grill is older than 2012, we recommend you take the measurements outlined below to confirm the XL Woo Ring fits your grill.

XL Woo Ring: To make sure the XL Woo Ring fits, measure from the top of the fire ring to the felt line. The measurement needs to be at least 3". See picture below left.

XL Adjustable Rig: For the XL Adjustable Rig to work in tandem with the XL Woo or EGG ConvEGGtor, the measurement from grid to daisy wheel needs to be at least 16". Follow the three steps and see picture below right .

  • set the XL Big Green EGG cooking grid on the fire ring and close the dome;
  • slide a tape through the daisy wheel until it hits the grid;
  • take the measurement at the daisy wheel. It needs to be at least 16".


  • Any 16" to 20" diameter wok fits the XL Woo's lower ring, CGs' 16" wok pictured.
  • We strongly recommend round bottom woks, stay away from flat bottom woks.
  • Use the CGS XL Adjustable Rig or XL Woo Expander to add an upper half grid area. XL Adj. Rig with Half Stone/Grid Bundle shown.

The XL Woo Ring raises the XL Big Green EGG Stainless grid approximately 3". The main cooking grid will sit just below felt line, keeping the grid inside the EGG. Handles make for easy in and out.

The XL Grid sits atop the Woo's upper ring. For the bottom ring, any round object 16" to 20" in diameter will fit. Ring diameters on the XL Woo are approximately:  

  • 23" OD top ring diameter,
  • 15" OD bottom ring diameter.

Typical accessories for the lower ring include: 20" Stainless or 18" cast iron grids, 16"+ woks, 18" half ceramic stones, skillets, griddles and pans. We recommend a ceramic stone under any drip pan.

The XL Woo Ring is fabricated using 1/4" and 5/16" 304 Stainless Steel round bar. It's fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store: Proudly Made in the USA. It's the original and a workhorse that will make cooking on your XL Big Green EGG more enjoyable.

Note: Big Green EGG's 21" XL ceramic pizza stones, cast iron grids and griddles do not fit the XL Woo's lower ring. They are too big.  

Ash Baskets & Dividers:

  • XL Woo does not interfere with Kick Ash or EGG's Ash basket and divider.
  • XL Woo does not interfere with CGS' Ang-L Brackets or Lump Reducing Rings.

The XL Adjustable Rig can be paired with the XL Woo Ring and we will put money behind this claim: No other rack system, across all kamados, matches the XL Woo and Adjustable Rig pairing for ability, functionality and capacity.

For more information, check out the XL Woo Adjustable Rig Combo. It's our favorite rack system for the XL EGG. Here's just a small sampling of the XL Woo/Rig Combo's abilities.

Roll with 3 grids for ribs or two grids for the big meats.

How about baking pizza high in the dome or sliding the lower grid for easy access when grilling.  

Our Flexible 2nd Grid is the easiest way to add another grilling level above the XL Woo. With it, you have the option to add a full or half grid above. You can even slide a half stone under the half grid to create an indirect set-up - perfect for the reverse sear or holding area. Learn more about the Flexible here.

If you need more assistance, please give us a call. It is the easiest way to work through your questions and get you properly outfitted.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

This is a must have for any Egghead

Doug Knight
Great tool

Have used traditional plate setter for years. After it broke I decided to try the XL Big Green EGG, Raised Grid Expander - CGS Woo. It’s easier to use and more versatile with the split ceramic stone. Great purchase!

Brandon Baker

Amazing product from a company that stands behind what they sell. The first one was damaged in shipping, after a quick phone call and email a new (undamaged) product arrived just a few days later! This is a great replacement for an easily breakable BGE plate setter, go ahead and get one, great product and even better customer service!

Wentzel Michael
Xl woo ring

Great product. Affordable and highly functional. Already recommended this product to all the eggheads I know.

Robert Black
I wish I knew about this site sooner

Awesome product