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XL Big Green EGG® - Kick Ash Basket Packages, KAB-XL-SS

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$142.99 - $256.97
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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

XL Big Green EGG®, Kick Ash Packages, KAB-XL-SS 

Free Lump Rake with all Basket packages

  • Perfect for moving hot lump around the firebox
  • Ideal for breaking up large lump chunks

Fits the XL Big Green Egg

  • 3 year Manufacturer's warranty
  • Heavy duty stainless steel wire
  • Electropolish stainless steel
  • 17" Bottom Dia., 19" Top Dia. and 4.25" Basket Depth
  • Overall height is 5.75" including handles
  • Basket does not interfere with the XL Spider, Woo Ring or Adjustable Rig
Optional Adjustable Basket Dividers - Pair CGS Ang-L Brackets 

Ang-l brackets showing multiple ways to divide the lump in the firebox: half, thirds, quarters, front or back
  • 11 ga. Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable - Multiple configurations, many more than the conventional split box. 
  • Uses: Lump Reduction, Indirect and Direct Grilling at the same time
Optional Kick Ash Can (KAC-XL)
  • Place under the Kick Ash Basket at bottom of the XL firebox.
  • Shake the Ash into the Can.
  • Significantly reduces the "Pain in the Ash" of clean up.
  • Stainless, 3 year warranty
looking through xl lower vent at xl kick ash can in xl big green egg

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Kick Ash Basket & Kick Ash Can

        I just unpacked them after arrival and I think they seem
        veryy well made and of excellent quality.

        David Pham
        A must-have for all BGE. Period.

        I know what you're thinking. You just bought your BGE and haven't even used it yet. You don't need all these accessories. It's all adding up. Everything is costing an arm and a leg. And then you do your first big cook. It's all looking great—until you have to clean out the bottom for the next cook. The damn ash tool taking ages to scrap out all the ash. Family is sitting there, tummies a-rumbling. If bought this damn kick ash basket that would've saved you 10 mins of scrapping ash!!!!!!

        Buy it.

        Great Product

        Solid materials and construction for a quality product. Makes cleaning between cooks effortless. Fast shipping as well. Thank you!

        David Pendergrass
        Wish I had bought it sooner

        The KAB makes clean up so much easier. It also is more conducive for airflow which allows the cooker to come up to temp quicker.

        Jeremy W.
        This basket is kick ash!

        I've had the basket on my Large BGE for as long as I can remember and recently bought an XL Egg. This was one of the first Eggcessories that I bought for my new XL. The quality is fantastic and I've always believed that it really improves airflow while also making cleanup a breeze. Ordering it from the CGS also gives you the bonus lump rake for free!