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This Small Woo Ring fits the Small Big Green EGG®. It does not fit other manufacturers' grills. 

The Small Woo raises the Small EGG's cooking grid near the felt line for direct grilling on a raised grid.  Add our 10" Round Ceramic Stone and 10" Stainless Drip Pan for an indirect, smoking BBQ set-up.

Handles make it easy to lift the Woo in and out of the cooker. Handles only work with the grid that came with your EGG. We do not recommend using EGG's 13 Cast Iron Grid atop the Woo: It will slide around. We don't recommend raising cast iron grids or griddles, as it pushes the cast iron away from the heat it needs to impart the grill marks. 

The Woo raises the cooking grid approximately 2.75" above the fire ring. The outside diameter of the upper and lower ring is approximately 12.25 inches. 

The 10" Stone and 10" Stainless Drip Pan are an option.

  Measure to insure the Small Woo fits your grill. Confirm the Woo's 12.25" OD base ring will sit atop the fire ring, preferably in the middle of the fire ring. The distance from the top of the fire ring to the top the base should be at least 3".

The Small Woo is fabricated with 1/4-inch diameter, 304 grade Stainless Steel. Made in the USA by Ceramic Grill Store, in our wire fabrication shop.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Del R
A must have for small BGE

Do not know how I could live without it. When cooking anything that needed to have the grill at the top of the egg I used some juice cans. They always fell into the fire and generally was not a good experience. The woo does it all.

Woo is great in Kamado Joe, Jr

I have used my new woo ring in my KJ JR 4-5 times. It fits this cooker perfectly and really makes it easy to do "raised level" cooking or to set up for indirect cooking. My only complaint is that it wasn't available earlier than it was. I love it!


Works great on the small. Love having the cooking surface at the felt line.

Great as always

I have several items from the Ceramic Grill Storeand they are always top notch.

john from Cincinnati
Great addition to a Small BGE

I have had an Adjustable Rig for my large BGE which I use on 75% of my cooks so when I got my small BGE, the adjustable rig (called a Woo Ring) was high on my wish list. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I got this for Christmas and it has made my use of the small BGE that much more enjoyable. On this purchase, I asked them to remove the handles as I wanted the Woo to sit about an inch above the felt line (which they did). I could have gone another inch without problems. On the large Adjustable Rig, you get three different height settings but there are only two on the small Woo, but this has not been an issue as my primary goal was to get the grid up to a higher level and this was worked perfectly. What is outstanding is the service and help you get from the Ceramic Grill Store. Ive made 4 purchases with them and each experience has been outstanding!