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Replacement Smoke Stack Gasket - Pit Boss, Louisiana, Vision or Gorilla Grills.

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Easy peel & stick, Meta Aramid (Nomex) gasket goes around top smoke (chimney) stack to hold the top vent in place.

 1 1/8" wide Gasket fits: 

  • Louisiana or Pit Boss Grills
  • Gorilla Grills
  • Vision Grills

High Temperature Nomex® Felt Replacement Gasket - This Meta-Aramid (Nomex®) felt replaces the wool felt gasket under your ceramic grill's top chimney cap. Nomex® is designed for high temperature applications and outperforms wool and polyester. Gasket is peel and stick. Approximately 26" in length.

Prior to ordering we recommend you take a measurement around your stack to insure 26" is long enough. If your daisy wheel fits real loose, you may have to run a double layer of gasket. Gasket is approximately 0.150" thick.

We are the ceramic, kamado, grill pros, raising the possibilities through innovation since 2005.

Customer Reviews

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Vision Chimney Gasket

Do yourself a favor and purchase two gaskets. They’re a great price and you’ll probably need both because the Vision S chimney cap is a little bit larger than the ceramic top. The double wrap worked perfect and was much more secure without a lot of loss through the chimney. Buying two also keeps you from having to pay shipping twice like I did. Happy Smoking!