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rEGGulator Chimney Vent & Rain Cap - Big Green EGG

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See what experienced EGG owners like about the rEGGulator top vent cap over the original daisy wheel chimney cap.

Single Slide Adjustment:

The rEGGulator's best feature is the single slider vent that stays fixed when opening and closing the dome. Gone is the need to align the two screws. Precise and constant temperature control is now at your fingertips.

Improved Airflow:

Fully open, the rEGGulator allows 50% greater airflow through the EGG than the original dual function, daisy wheel top. More airflow yields quicker start-ups, a key benefit with high temperature grilling.

Full side view of the Big Green EGG rEGGulator with slider open.
Looking down through the rEGGulator's slider vent and seeing the lump burning in the Big Green EGG.

Forego the Ceramic Cap  

When fully closed, the rEGGulator completely shuts off airflow and keeps the rain out. No need to switch to the old ceramic cap after each cook to kill the fire.

Improved Build:

The cast iron rEGGulator has a proprietary super pre-seasoned finish for greater weather resistance. The silicone adjustment tab is cool to the touch throughout the cook. The slider's mating surface is designed to minimize sticking when cold.

Just Two Sizes:

With just two sizes, the rEGGulator caps can be used across the six biggest EGGs. One size fits the 2XL, XL, Large & Medium EGGs. The other size fits the MiniMax and Small. Sorry, there is no rEGGulator cap for the Mini EGG. These are the same rEGGulators that come with new Big Green EGGs. 

Optional Rain Cap:

On wet weather days, use the Rain Cap if your EGG sits out in the elements. The Rain Cap is designed to keep any wet weather away from the EGG’s top vent opening. The Cap easily stores away for fair weather cooking.

Big Green EGG rEGGulator with optional Rain Cap sitting atop a Large Big Green EGG.

rain cap for rEGGulator by big green egg

The Cap's heavy duty cast iron construction has the same proprietary, super preseasoned finish as the rEGGulator. The installation is quick, as the Cap's vertical arm drops into the sleeve on the rEGGulator. 

Both rEGGulator and Rain Cap are exclusive Big Green EGG products.

Customer Reviews

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Jarrod H.
Valuable Accessory

Worth the money even if you cook under a covered area. Wind often blows rain in this keeps it out.