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Primo Plus Wi-Fi Temperature Controller - Primo Grill

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Take the hassle out of controlling temperature and fire with the Primo Plus Grill Controller. With Wi-Fi and the Smartfire Primo Grill Life App, you can manage the cook from just about anywhere. The Primo Plus is compatible with all Primo Grills, via the universal adapter plate.


  • Precise temperature monitoring and pit control for perfect results;
  • Primo Plus regulates the grill temperature for you automatically so you can enjoy yourself and relax;
  • Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi lets you keep tabs on the progress remotely via the Smartfire app;
  • Bluetooth Low Energy capability make set-up simple.
Four pictures of settings on Primo Grill's Primo Plus Smartfire app for Primo Plus Temperature Controller

What's in the Box: 

  • Primo Plus Controller Pro 5.0 Wi-Fi + BT;
  • 2 Food probes, spiked and curved to easily insert and remove from food;
  • 1 Pit temperature probe with grill clip;
  • USB power supply cable;
  • Pit adapter to attach Controller to the Primo grill's lower intake vent; with red plug cover for when not in use;

Tech Specs: 

  • Probe length 1.5M, 5 Feet;
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit options;
  • Probes operating ranges -40°C to 350°C, -40°F to 660°F
  • Controller operating test range -10°C to 55°C, 14°F to 131°F;
  • Dual connectivity (Wi-Fi + BT) 802.11b/g/n 20Mhz with WPA2 Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2

Download the Primo Grill Life App at the links below. Click here for instructions on how to set up the Primo Plus.

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