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Pizza Tray for Kamado Grills

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Our pizza tray, Easy way to move the pizza

If you haven't tried pizza on the ceramic grill, you need to. Add a wood chunk for smoke flavor and it's almost as good as wood fired pizza from a brick oven. 

Simply, a small pizza fits a big tray but vise versa, not so much. With a 16" diameter, the pizza tray can handle virtually any pizza going to/from the grill. It makes a great serving tray too, going from kitchen to den. The tray is 18 ga. aluminum with a soft couple style (gentle sloping) rim. 

Our big 3" pizza cutter is the best, we use it all the time at the shop cutting pizza for lunch. 

Customer Reviews

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Barry K.
Pizza Pan

Thought I was ordering a pizza screen. Oh well, now we serve pizza on a professional looking pan. Great mistake!