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Pizza Tray & Cutter Special

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If you haven't tried pizza on the ceramic grill, you need to. Add a wood chunk for smoke flavor and it's almost as good as wood fired pizza from a brick oven. To aid your pizza quest, we put together this very simple Pizza Special.

For the tray, we like big. Simply, a small pizza fits a big tray but vise versa, not so much. With a 16" diameter, the pizza tray can handle virtually any pizza going to/from the grill. It makes a great serving tray too, going from kitchen to den. The tray is 18ga. aluminum with a soft couple style (gentle sloping) rim. 

On the Cutter, again we like big, as big rolls easily. The cutter has a 4" diameter Stainless blade so it can handle even the deepest of deep dish pizzas. The handle is curved for improved dexterity. 

You may ask what about a pizza peel. We found the parchment paper used to keep the dough from sticking to the pizza stone also works great with the tray. Plus, the couple style (gentle sloping) rim lets the pizza slide on/off very easily when at the grill. So, instead of a peel, we use the tray to move the pizza to/from the grill. Plus, the tray is easier to store than a long handle peel.

Like we said, if you haven't tried pizza on the grill, you need to give it a shot. Don't be surprised if you get hooked and this Special makes it easy for you.