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LG/Pit Boss 24 Ceramic Grill - Adjustable Rig w/ XL Crossbars Combo

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This Adjustable Rig Combo is a multi-level grid system for the Louisiana Grills & Pit Boss 24 Ceramic Grills, LG/Pit Boss.

Oh man, this is a very cool combo. We dig how well the Rig, Grids and such work with the LG/Pit Boss Platesetter and Grill. The Combo takes full advantage of the LG/Pit Boss' greater size to effortlessly handle raised grid, multiple grids, direct grilling and indirect smoking over the entire fire bowl. Like other Adjustable Rig owners, you love the Rig's flexibility, capacity and convenience - "it's the best accessory for ceramic grills.  

Setting up the Combo

What's in the Combo:

  • Adjustable Rig with Pair Crossbars is the multi-level rack that sits directly on the LG/Pit Boss' fire bowl or Platesetter/grid. The Rig Crossbars hold accessories inside the Rig - 18" Round Stainless Grid, ceramic plate, drip pan and such.  
  • 18" Round Stainless Grid sits on the Rig Crossbars and creates cooking options at various heights through the grill.
  • 20" Round Stainless Grid is the cooking grid for atop the Adjustable Rig.

  * We do not recommend using the LG/Pit Boss grid atop the Rig.

It's a quick set-up to grill direct on a raised grid with the Rig. Just drop the Rig on the LG/Pit Boss' fire bowl and add a grid. The Rig has four positions for grid placement. The most popular grid position is the 20" Round Grid on top of the Rig. This puts the 20" grid approximately 6" above the fire bowl. Many Rig owners refer to this as the grill's "grilling sweet spot."

The 18" Round Stainless Grid is used at the three grid positions inside the Rig. The 18" Grid sits on the Rig Crossbars. The 18" grid diameter matches up perfectly to the fire bowl's 18" inside diameter - yielding full use of the grill's cooking area.

For smoking BBQ in the LG/Pit Boss 24, the Adjustable Rig Combo efficiently handles the popular meats: ribs, brisket, pork butts, sausage and chicken on one or two grids.

The LG/Pit Boss platesetter acts as the indirect piece. The platesetter can sit under the Rig or inside the Rig on the Crossbars. Whenever possible, we recommend setting the platesetter inside the Rig, especially on single grid cooks. This will improve airflow and allow you to remove the entire set up as one unit - a very cool move.

Popular Smoking Cooks with the LG/Pit Boss 24 Adjustable Rig Combo

  • 4 - 6 full racks babyback or St. Louis style ribs,
  • 2 - 3 racks babyback/St. Louis ribs and brisket packer,
  • 2 - 3 pork butts and Brisket flat;
  • 4 - 5 pork butts;
  • 2 - 3 pork butts & racks babyback/St. Louis ribs;
  • Brisket or pork butts with a bunch of sausage,
  • 2 full chickens with ribs or sausage,
  • 4 full salmon planks or spare ribs,
  • mix & match chicken, ribs, brisket or pork butts

With ribs, smoke 'em flat & whole. No need to cut them in half or use a rib rack!

More Detail - Click Tabs

A Half Grid and/or Half Stone adds a new dimension when grilling with dual temperature zones on the Adjustable Rig. Let your imagination run with the multiple ways to grill.

Key Accessories:

  • 20" Half Stainless Grid sits atop the backside of the Rig;
  • 18" Half Ceramic Stone provides the half indirect set-up;  
  • Large Half Stone Hanger holds the Half Stone under the Half or Oval Grid. 

The Spider and 16" Ceramic Round Stone convert the Adjustable Rig Combo into a big meat smoking machine. The Spider and Stone sit under the Rig and replace the LG/Pit Boss platesetter as the indirect set-up.  

The 18" Round Stainless Grid sits at the lower Rig setting. The 20" Round Stainless Grid goes on top of the Rig. Now the Grids are properly spaced to handle up to 6 pork butts or two big brisket packers.

Key Accessories:

  • Spider drops inside the fire ring and holds the 13" Round Ceramic Stone.
  • 16" Round Ceramic Stone creates the indirect set-up under the Adjustable Rig with two grids.

We recommend two 16" Half Ceramic Stones, as they can give you more options than one full stone. 

The Adjustable Rig is a simple to use “multi-level” platform. The Rig is easy to set-up, will not hinder airflow, weighs less than five pounds and can live in your grill. Many ceramic grill owners convey that the Adjustable Rig is their "go to" platform and with the wide variety of Rig accessories, it's their only platform.

All metal components are fabricated using 304 Stainless Steel. Made in the USA exclusively by/for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store. . All measurements are approximate.

Large Adjustable Rig & Crossbars:

  • A front portion of the top ring is cut away and lowered, improving access to the fire bowl and inside the Rig. Opening between the front brackets is 15-3/4" wide. Top and bottom ring diameters are 19" OD. Rings and back support are 1/4" round bar. Brackets are 3/16" laser cut plate.
  • Two Crossbars (one pair) come with the Rig. At the lower Rig setting, the Crossbar tip ends should rest on the Rig's lower ring. Crossbars support ceramic stones, pans, grids and such inside the Rig. One Crossbar runs across the front. The other runs across the back.
  • The Rig's lower ring has three little "U" shape bumpers that keep the Rig properly positioned on the fire bowl.

18" Round Stainless Grid:

  • Fabricated using 0.188" and 0.250" EPQ Stainless Steel wire with electro-polish finish for improved performance and durability. The EPQ wire and finish make it easier to clean the grid after each cook. The 18" Grid fits inside the Rig on the Crossbars. Move the grid up or down to vary the cooking height.

20" Round Ceramic Stone: 

  • Fabricated using 0.188" and 0.250" EPQ Stainless Steel wire with electro-polish finish for improved performance and durability. The EPQ wire and finish make it easier to clean the grid after each cook. The 20" Grid sits atop the Rig for raised grid cooks. It's a great spot for pizza, chicken or anything that burns easily. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ronnie L. Mack
Excellent addition to my Louisiana Grills kamado.

I purchase the adjustable rig combo looking to expand my cooking surface of my 25 in Louisiana Grills kamado. This unit makes cooking food on multiple level a lot easier than the two tierd system that came with the grill. I would recommend this system for Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills kamado owners.

Anthony Scofi

What a great piece of work way better then the stock ones. Better gauge wire A+++++!!!! Love it

High quality and high functionality

Prior to this purchase I purchased the Pit Boss woo ring to use with the stock grill. The woo ring fit perfectly and was high quality I was so impressed. So when it was time to upgrade I purchased the rig combo. Once again this product exceeded my expectations. The rig is a perfect fit. This is an amazing product and provides unlimited functionality. Do yourself a favor and buy it you will not be disappointed. Only regret waiting this long to purchase. Thanks for making the best products.

Dave B
Simply Outstanding

While I love my Pitt Boss the OEM racks are not well made. This rack system is professional quality and fits perfectly! I can not recommend this set enough. A must have.

Dave H
Exactly What I Was Looking For

Drove down to Denton from Tulsa, measurements from my Pit Boss 24" in hand, hoping to find a rig setup to fit. That's when I was introduced to this rig new Pit Boss they had just finished designing. I purchased the rig along with the half stone grid bundle and couldn't be happier with both. I so many more options now and everything is much easier to access. I really like that I can lift out everything with the rig to add lump & wood chunks or stir the coals. Quality is second to none. Everything is made with heavy gauge stainless that should last a lifetime. I don't think you'll find better materials or workmanship anywhere. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and the customer service I received while at the store.

This is not an accessory, it is a MUST HAVE for anyone hoping to get more from their Pit Boss 24!!!