24" x 150' Pink Butcher Paper

Ceramic Grill Store


Ceramic Grill Store


Pink butcher rolls - a Ceramic Grill Store exclusive.

We searched out the best paper producers and basically said: you know paper, we know barbecue. So let's develop the best barbecue butcher paper!

The butcher paper is:

  • 40# weight
  • 24 inches wide x 150 feet long (running length)
  • FDA approved
  • No wax-like coating
  • Made in USA
  • and as you can see......pink.

Use the pink butcher paper in place of aluminum foil when wrapping briskets, ribs, pork shoulder/butts, poultry and sausage.

At 24" wide no need to double up and run two sheets side-by-side, like 18" wide. One sheet means even paper thickness across the meat - more consistent cook. 

Pink butcher paper breathes, saves the bark. Foil does not breathe.

Don't go crazy with too many wraps. Two, maybe three times around the meat is all that is needed.

If you have excess paper left after your last wrap, try this:

  • visually mark where the excess paper starts;
  • unfold the last meat turn;
  • fold the excess paper back over the paper at the mark;
  • bring the meat back, so the weight of the meat keeps the excess paper down and tight.

Pink butcher paper works great as serving plates or table covers too.

Each roll is approx. 3" in diameter and weights approximately 4.5 pounds.

Optional paper holder available, makes for easy paper handling and storage. Just pull what you need and tear it off - quick, simple and clean.