Nest & Carrier, All Grills - Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg


Big Green Egg


Nest for Big Green Egg Ceramic Grills

  • XLarge EGG 301079, 0665719301079
  • Large EGG 301000, 0665719301000 
  • Medium EGG 302007, 0665719302007
  • Small EGG 301062, 0665719301062 
  • Carrier for Mini EGG 116451, 0665719116451 
  • Replacement Carrier for MiniMax EGG 115720, 0665719115720 

The Big Green Egg Nest is a cradle that holds the Egg. It's a compact way to hold your egg on the patio. The Nest is heavy duty and built to last. It includes casters, 2 locking, for easy rolling. Material is powder coated steel. The Nest holds the Eggmates (side shelves). Eggmates are recommended as shelves next to the Egg. 

When rolling the Egg in the Nest, always pull the egg toward you. Never push the Egg away from you. By pulling, if you hit a small obstruction and the egg tips, it will tip toward you where you can brace it.

The Mini and MiniMax Carriers make it easy to move the grills 'on the go'. Like the Nest, they are heavy duty design and come with handles. The MiniMax is sold with a Carrier. Carriers are powder coated steel.