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MiniMax Big Green EGG Expander - CGS Woo

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Discover the benefits of cooking on a raised grid, adding half-moon deflectors, baking pizza and using handles. Check the best accessories for the MiniMax Big Green EGG.

Grilling on a Raised Grid:

The MiniMax Expander raises the cooking grid slightly above the top of the base (felt line) for grilling on a raised grid. The Expander is easy to use, simply set it on the fire ring, add the cooking grid, and start grilling.

MiniMax Big Green EGG Expander with cooking grid sitting in the MiniMax Big Green EGG. Side view of the MiniMax Big Green EGG Expander with cooking grid inside the MiniMax EGG.

Pair Half-Moon Deflectors for BBQ:

The Expander pairs perfectly with a pair of 10-inch half-moon deflectors for BBQ, providing all-around heat deflection. Adding the 10" drip pan is key to protecting the deflector and EGG from messy drippings. Foil the drip pan to extend coverage and quick clean up.

Note: CGS ceramic spacers can not be used with a deflector and pan. Also, EGG's ConvEGGtor does not fit the MiniMax Expander.

MiniMax Big Green EGG Expander with pair of half-moon deflector and cooking grid inside the MiniMax EGG.
MiniMax Big Green EGG Expander with half-moon deflectors and drip pan set-up inside the MiniMax EGG.

Grilling with Two Temperature Zones:

If you are looking to maximize a direct/indirect set-up for two zone grilling, consider a 12 or 13-inch half-moon deflector. 13 half-moon is pictured below.

MiniMax Big Green EGG Expander with one half-moon deflector and cooking grid set-up inside the MiniMax EGG. Pizza on the MiniMax Big Green EGG with Minimax Expander holding the heat deflector, spacers and pizza stone.

How to Set-up for Pizza:

Additionally, the Expander is ideal for setting up a pizza cooking station, with the option to add a second 10-inch Ceramic Stone and ceramic spacers. Ceramic spacers create space between the stones and help push the pizza stone higher in the dome. You can find the Spacers on our Ceramic (Pizza) Stone page.

Handles Make for Quick Lump Access:

One big advantage our Expander has over EGG's ConvEGGtor is accessing the lump. With our Expander you do not have to disassemble the set-up. Just pick the Expander up by the handles and everything comes with it - deflector, drip pan, grid and food.

Lump Baskets & Woks:

  1. The Expander does not interfere with Big Green EGG and Kick Ash Baskets.
  2. The Expander with handles will not hold a wok. Best to use our Minimax Big Green EGG Accessory Ring - CGS Spider.

Important - MiniMax Mods:

If your MiniMax is newer than 2015, you can skip this. Late 2015, Big Green EGG modified the MiniMax fire ring to create a bigger drop from felt line to fire ring. The pre-2015 drop was 0.75". The post 2015 (current) is 1.50".  As an FYI, the fire ring is the donut shape piece with the three convEGGtor notches that sits atop the firebox.

The Expander will fit your older MiniMax. Just note, you may find it best to set the Expander in the 3 ConvEGGtor notches. This will set the cooking grid lower in the dome.

Fabrication Specifications:

The MiniMax Woo is fabricated using 1/4-inch 304 Stainless Round bar. The MiniMax Woo is our design and proudly "Made in the USA" in our fabrication shop.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
john w.
mini max

used minimax didnt come with a deflector ordered the ring and pizza stone/deflector works great love having the handles to pull the ring and stone out of the egg.

Jack B.
A Must Have for the Mini Max

This is a fantastic addition for the Mini Max. It raises the grid to the perfect height for direct cooks and the 10” stone works better than the plate setter.

Could Be Better

Works as advertised. But - the lower ring (and stone if used) gets lowered into the fire ring so much that it does limit the charcoal you can add. Also, the upper cooking ring is higher than I would like. I think the ring could be halfway between where it is and the top of the fire ring and that would be a better height for most grilling. For straight smoking I prefer the BGE plate setter.


Fantastic service. Can’t wait to use it

Billy B.
Does not work with ask basket

I like the fact it raises the grill grate but if you have a kick ash basket it the ring will not fit.

hi, set the woo ring on top of the fire ring, not in the notches and it will not interfere with the kick ash basket. thanks for taking the time to review the woo.