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MiniMax EGG, Accessory Ring - CGS Spider

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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

Handy 3 leg ring holds a 12" wok, 10" heat deflector or 10"pizza stone in the MiniMax Big Green EGG. 

The MiniMax Spider is designed to fit the MIniMax Big Green Egg and will not fit other manufacturers' grills. 

Important, Quick Check: You need to check your grill's fire ring prior to ordering. The inside diameter of the fire ring needs to be 11.875" +/- 1/8".  Also note, the MiniMax Spider does not work in tandem with the Kick Ash Basket.  

The MiniMax Spider can hold 8-10 inch diameter objects. It drops 1.125 to 1.75 inches into the fire ring, depending if placed in/out of the ConvEGGtor® notches. 

The Spider is fabricated using 1/4 inch Stainless round bar. The legs are TIG welded to the ring for increased durability. The ring's diameter is approximately 8-1/2 inches, outside diameter.

The Spider can hold: 

  • Ceramic Grill Store's 10" Half or Full Round Ceramic Stone,
  • Ceramic Grill Store's 10" Round Stainless Drip Pan,
  • Big Green Egg's 10" Stainless Grid for the Mini Egg®
  • 12" diameter wok, Spider in the up position.
  • sit atop EGG's ConvEGGtor to hold a pizza stone. 

Customer Reviews

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Mac Mayhew
Love it

Was unsure about this at first, since I already have a mini max woo, and thought that this might duplicate some of its uses. But it is well worth getting:

1. While the mini max woo can sort of support a wok, the spider does a MUCH better job of providing support, and can be used at different heights much more easily. Plus I can use smaller woks in the spider, which is much more challenging in the mini max woo. I wok a great deal, which is one of the reasons I considered the spider in the first place.

2. Gives easier access to smaller grids from the mini (10" cast iron and stainless steel) grids than the woo, as you don't have to reach inside a larger ring to access the smaller grids.

3. Provides the ability to do raised indirect in the mini max so you can do mini pizzas in the mini max higher in the dome.

Bottom line: the mini max woo is great, but the spider provides additional versatility that the woo can't provide.