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Medium Woo Ring, MBGE

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$41.99 - $108.96
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Select Woo Ring for Medium Big Green EGG
Select Stone and Stainless Drip Pan

This Woo Ring fits the Medium Big Green EGG®.

The Woo Ring brings the diffuser stone above the fire ring. This improves five key features over the EGG's ConvEGGtor® (platesetter) when grilling or smoking in the Medium Big Green EGG:

  1. Use a bigger ceramic stone (better coverage) for indirect smoking, BBQ cooks; (13" stone/14" drip pan);
  2. Create a two temperature zones with a half stone (13" or 15" Half Stone);
  3. Gain better airflow through the EGG with the ceramic stone elevated above the fire ring.
  4. Grill direct at the felt line, no stone.
  5. Easy in and out with Handles. 

For dual zones, use either a 13" or 15" Half Stone directly under the grid. 15" Half Stone provides the greatest half grid coverage. Two 13" Half Stones can be used for a full indirect set-up too. Please note, a full 15" or two 15" Half Stones can not be used for the indirect set-up.

Important: The Medium Woo ONLY fits the new 16" (15.75" actual) diameter Big Green EGG cooking grid. If you have the older 15" grid, you'll need to upgrade to the 16". The 15" grid is no longer available from Big Green EGG. Find the grid, here.

Handles are recommended.  The handles making it easy to lift the set-up out to access the fire. The cast iron grid can't be used with Handles. 

Which Woo: We make Woo's to fit the three most common Medium Big Green EGG fire ring configurations: smooth top, 3 ConvEGGtor notches and 5 shallow dimples. Please check your EGG style before ordering.

  • 3 Leg Woo - current (smooth surface) and 3 convEGGtor notches atop fire ring; 
  • 5 Leg Woo - very old (original) style with 5 dimples on top
Woo Ring and grid for Medium Big Green EGG Pair 13" Half Stones Medium Big Green Egg
13" Half Stone Medium Big Green Egg Woo 15" Half Stone on Woo Medium Big Green Egg


Ceramic Stone(s) and 14" Stainless Drip Pan are available as a bundle. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alan Zerbini
Very satisfied

Love the woo ring with half moon setup. Great quality, perfect fit, and adds the versatility to my BGE that was looking for.

Drew Small
Good quality

Made well, high quality material and does it’s job…not much else to say.

love it

Picked this up not that long ago. Opted for the version with handles as well as the stone and pan. MUCH easier to use than the BGE smoking item (conveggorator or whatever they call it). Much easier to add the flavor wood after letting the stone heat up before putting the item to be cooked on. Also like how the entire assembly lifts out of the egg (with the handles). Added bonus in the way you can now good with the grate at the highest position either with, or without, the stone in place. I'm probably going to be looking to get rid of the BGE item that I got along with my egg. Since I don't expect to use that one moving forward.

If you're thinking about getting this, just do it. If you have the BGE item, get this one anyways. If you're looking at essentials for a BGE, pick this instead of the BGE item. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to get either the large, or XL egg in the coming months. IF I do, I'll get one of these to go along with it (of the correct size of course).

Love the WOO

I bought the platesetter with my medium BGE and I use it on at least 70% of my cooks. I got tired of having to remove multiple pieces while hot and needing a place to set them when they are both hot and dirty. I LOVE how much easier the Woo makes removing the grid, platesetter, and drip pan all at the same time. I should also note that I modified my platesetter to fit inside the Woo since I already had it. The Woo also works great for raising the grid on direct cooks if you need a little more distance between food and fire.

love this product

gets the grill up higher, easier to flip burgers etc. Well made should last for years