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Meat Stick - Vertical Spit, 3 Length Options

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Tacos Al Pastor, Meat Stick - Vertical Spit

An alternative cooking option to the usual grilling and smoking

The vertical meat spit (stick) is designed to hold chunky meat vertically in your grill or oven. We fabricated the original spit for a customer who wanted to grill pork butt for Tacos Al Pastor. We offer three shaft lengths:

General Guidelines on Length: See below for overall lengths

  • 5" for ceramic grills with 13" - 16" cooking grid;
  • 9" for ceramic grills with 18" - 24" cooking grid;
  • 12" for grills high (>15") headroom.

The usable shaft length does not include the threads. The Threaded shaft is removable for easy storage. The shaft tip is machined to a soft point.

All material is 304 Stainless for easy clean up! The collar that holds the shaft is 1" diameter. The three legs provide a 9" wide diameter base. The 12" Round Stainless Drip Pan is optional.

Before ordering, please check to make sure the overall vertical length will fit your grill or oven.

  • 5" Spit's overall vertical length is approximately 6.125",
  • 9" Spit's overall vertical length is approximately 10.25",
  • 12" Spit's overall vertical length is approximately 13.25".

The Spit fits the Primo 300 LG and 400 XL. In the Primo, the 9" spit needs to sit on the ceramic stone/deflector rack, as pictured.

Link to:  Tacos Al Pastor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Worked great

It worked perfectly, loved the design, and we'll built.

Kay P.

I received this item as a gift after trying to make a makeshift vertical spit using materials from a hardware store. It is way more sturdy than my flimsy setup, and it works great! I ordered all three shaft sizes. I do not own a BGE, but I have used this in my oven and on my charcoal grill and it has been great. Heads up, if you plan on occasionally using it in your oven, the 9" shaft length is probably the tallest you want to go.

Will S.
perfect for al pastor

I stumbled upon this after looking for an alternative to the much more expensive Trompo King. I ordered two of them (the 5" shaft) since my clearance on my Rec-Tec is only 9.5" along with the 14" drip tray. I really wish I would have ordered the longer shaft and cut it down, as a 7" would have been better for me. Anyway, it worked excellent for my al pastor that I made this weekend. Thanks.

Diane E.
Problem Solved

I had tried everything in my grilling arsenal to spit grill meat for my chicken kabob recipe. The rotisserie didn't work for the chicken and I was resistant to paying for the commercial $$$$ vertical spit products available. So I won't be needing to do my balancing act with the skewer in an onion trick anymore! This is sturdy, stable and fits my large BGE perfectly.

Great Vertical Spit

I kept seeing pictures of Tacos Al (El) Pastor and home-made vertical spits. I tied to make my own but it was made out of material that was not food grade. I contacted the Ceramic Grill Store and asked if they could fabricate something for me. They emailed me a rough sketch and with a recommendation of the height. I measured my egg to make sure it would fit and asked them to fabricate it for me. They made it that same day that I emailed them that it would fit and I ordered it that same night. I had it ready to go for the weekend and made some Tacos Al Pastor. I also used it to make home-made gyros. Great customer service as well as all their products. I also have their Adjustable Rig for my Large and Extra Large Eggs.