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Large Vision Grills Expander - CGS Woo

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Quick way to raise the cooking grid. Add one half-moon deflector for zone grilling. Go two half-moon deflectors or Lava Stone for smoking BBQ. Add a drip pan to protect the deflector and grill from messy drippings.

Important: The Expander fits Vision Grills with a 19.5" or 21.25" primary (bottom) cooking grid. The grid can be Stainless or Cast Iron. Please confirm the three measurements below in "Important" before ordering. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

How does it work: The Expander is a two ring Stainless frame. The top ring raises the main cooking grid 2.25", near the base opening. By going up, you can take full advantage of the radiant heat and minimize your chances of burning something. Plus, handling food with tongs and turners is much easier.

The smaller bottom ring drops 1.5" inside the fire bowl and creates a platform that holds a heat deflector, grid or wok. For high temperature cooks, dropping down gets the searing zone closer to the fire. For low and slow BBQ cooks, dropping down creates the space to properly set a deflector and drip pan under the main cooking grid atop the upper ring.

The bullet points follow the video.

  • Sear close to the fire with a 13"-15" cast iron grid or griddle on the lower ring. 13" cast iron grid pictured. Check our Grids, Grates, Griddle collection for cast iron products.
  • Create a two-temperature zone grilling set-up with one 15" half stone on the lower ring with grid above.
  • Smoke BBQ, low & slow with two 15" half stones on the lower ring and a grid on the top ring. Do not forget the protective drip pan.
  • Go hot & fast with a 16" carbon steel wok on the lower ring.
  • Grill near the felt line with the main cooking grid on the top ring.
  • Use the two 15" Half Stones for pizza on the second elevated grid.

Important: We recommend you verify the following measurements to ensure the Expander fits your Vision grill. The measurements are across the top of the fire bowl, see below:

  • A: The grill's inside diameter needs to be between 19" and 22.5".
  • B: The fire bowl's inside diameter needs to be greater than 16.125" and less than 17".
  • C:  From the top of the fire bowl to the top of the base needs to be at least 2.25".

We recommend two, 15", half-moon deflectors. The 15s provide ample indirect coverage and the option to create temperature zones when grilling. The Expander can hold Vision Grills' Lava Stone, just verify that your stone fits the lower ring.

To ensure accessories (searing grids, stones, pans and woks) fit inside the lower ring, their diameter needs to be greater than 12" and less than than 15.30". All Measurements are +/- 3/32".

Specs: The top ring's outer diameter is 17.75" and elevates 2.25". The lower ring's outer diameter is 11.75 inches and drops 1.5" into the fire bowl. All Measurements are +/- 3/32".

The Vision Grills Expander is 1/4", 304 Stainless Steel round bar and fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store, a USA product. It's a workhorse and will make cooking on your Vision Grill more enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jose m.
Better than original !!

Fitment and quality is excellent. The elevation allows for easier access to the lower grate. Smoked my first brisket using it and it functions just as normal deflector even though this one has a higher elevation. I was worried about having to leave new temp regulations but it stays the same. Using the original lava stones and they fit perfectly.

Works great!

This is great for raising your grate to the felt line and allowing you to use a heat deflector. It is well designed and built like a tank! As always great service!

Ronald D.
Woo ring

Woo ring and 2 half round ceramic plates work perfectly. Very happy with this product.

Forrest C.
Just what the Vison B needs . . .

The Woo is built well and is very easy to use. It allows you to place an iron grid at the perfect-level down in the grill for searing steaks, The same lower ring can be used to support a ceramic or a Vision lava stone for smoking and slow cooking. The upper ring lifts the main grid up a bit just to the right height for efficient cooking control and yes, a pizza does cook better in the dome! I have no idea why I waited so long to buy one of these. The Woo is well worth it's asking price.

The only negative that I can find is that the stock Vision grid rests slightly above the top of the lower grill kettle when on the Woo. This is great for cooking, but it tends to allow the grid slide around a bit on the top ring since the grid is no longer retained laterally by the inside of the grill kettle. For this reason, you need to make sure that the grid is centered properly in order to close the dome without interference. Not a big deal. The Woo still gets 5 stars in my book and is a must have for the Vision B.

Great fixture for a Vision!

I always had issues with my firebowl being a little out of round (oval shaped). So my standard Vision grates sort of 'floated around' on the top surface of the firebowl. This was the perfect my grates sit perfectly flat and stable on the top ring of this rack, and without a deflector on the bottom ring, I can still easily get at my coals. Plus I like the way it brings the main grate up to the level of the seam in the egg...