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Large Adjustable Rig Extender/Grid Add-on Bundle

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Select a Grid to Use on Extender

Sliding Grids, we had it first and still best at it........

Important: This Bundle is an add-on accessory to the Large Adjustable Rig. The Large Adjustable Rig is not included with the Bundle but can be purchased separately or in a Combo Package.  

The Bundle is an efficient way to increase capacity, add versatility or simplify multi-grid cooks on the Rig. The Bundle is our most popular addition to the Large Adjustable Rig R&B Combo.

Let's face it, when grilling with two grids in the Large Big Green EGG® getting at the lower grid can be a royal pain in the ............, especially if you regularly sear, season, flip, turn, foil or sauce the food on the bottom grid. Not to worry, with the Rig and this Bundle, you have the best set-up for managing two grid cooks in the Large Big Green EGG - no other racking system for the Large EGG matches this functionality, including our PSWoo Combo, EGG's EGGspander Package or a swing grid.

Simply, you have three key options that no other rack system can offer:   

  • choose from 5 grid height options for the lower grid;
  • rotate top and bottom grids without touching the food;
  • set-up in seconds, no need to fiddle with nuts, bolts or hand tools.

The Key to the Bundle is the Rig Extender. It adds another cooking level above the Rig.


    From here, just pick a grid to use atop the Extender. We offer two grid choices, as we recognize not all cooks are the same. 

    • 16 Inch Sliding D Stainless Grid;
    • 13x17 Inch Oval Stainless Grid.

    The 16 Sliding D Grid is best for active grilling cooks, when you need direct access to the lower grid to sear, flip, season or sauce the food. The 16 D Grid pushes back, out of the way, to access to the lower grid. Where you set the lower grid is not critical, 13" CI grid on the Spider, EGG grid on the fire ring or 13x17 Oval Grid at one of the three Rig settings are all possible.

    The 13x17 Oval Grid is best for BBQ, smoking cooks. The Grid is long and holds ribs, brisket, butts or chickens. Adding the 13x17 Oval Grid will give you two 13x17 Oval Grids. One comes with the R&B Combo. With two Oval Grids, you can easily rotate or swap grid positions without touching the food. Check the rib video below. Mix and match meats is possible - couple pork butts & ribs, or brisket & ribs, swap sausage or even a heaping pile of chicken for the ribs.....

    With the rib and chicken videos, both cooks use the Large Adjustable Rig R&B Combo, Rig Extender and Grid. The only two notable differences between both set-ups are highlighted in red below. 

    • Chicken cook uses the 16" Sliding D Grid on the Rig Extender. Watch how the D Grid pushes back and opens access to the lower grid. Notice how care free we handle the D grid - no worries about tipping. The position of the lower 13x17 Oval Grid is at the middle Rig setting.  
    • Rib cook uses the 13x17 Oval Grid on the Rig Extender. See how we rotate the two Oval Grids in order to manage the smoking process. The Oval Grid is perfect for BBQ cooks or when rotating food is needed. You rotate the grids without handling the food. The position of the lower Oval Grid is at the upper Rig setting. 


    Pizza: Atop the Extender is a great place to cook pizza. We recommend our 15" Round Ceramic Stone - either a full round or 2 half stones.

    Having a bigger, 15" stone above the felt line protects the felt from burning. Up also allows the convective forces swirling around the dome help cook the topside of the pizza. And, having the stone far from the lump helps control the Stone's thermal temperature.

    With thin crust pizza, we use one stone - the pizza stone, no blocking stone as pictured below. Thick crust pizza is more of a baking cook and may require a deflecting stone under the pizza stone. 


    If you don't do big cooks with the Large Big Green EGG but would like some multi-grid capability or convenience, then look at the Half Stone/Grid Bundle. The Half Grid provides an upper grid while the Half Stone adds indirect capability. This Bundle is a simple and straightforward way to add more flexibility with the Adjustable Rig in the Large Big Green EGG. 

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    Stephen W.
    Great BGE addition

    These accessories allow maximal versatility to the BGE. Products are well made and adds value to the cooker. Great customer service and innovative products. Will purchase more accessories.