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Large PSWoo ConvEGGtor Ring, Large EGG

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The Large PSWoo fits the Large Big Green EGG®.

Optional Drip Pans:  We strongly recommend adding a drip pan to protect the ConvEGGtor. The 14" Stainless Drip Pan matches up nicely to the ConvEGGtor's circular shape. The 16" extends coverage for big meats. Not to worry, the 16" won't inhibit airflow as it's sits above the fire ring on the convEGGtor. The pan(s) will keep the EGG clean for the next cook. Foil the pans for easy clean up.  

THE ORIGINAL: The PSWoo is the original, and to the best of our knowledge, the only Kamado rack system that carries a US Patent. We are also the inventors of the PSWoo Extender Sliding System. If a grill manufacturer has something similar, it's probably a China-made imitation. The PSWoo components are proudly made in the USA, using USA drawn Stainless. Help us support the USA craftsmen who design, invent & fabricate (not imitate) with buy 'Made in the USA''s appreciated.

For an in-depth comparison between PSWoo and EGGspander, click here.

The PSWoo works in tandem with the Large Big Green EGG grid(s) and ConvEGGtor® (platesetter). Drop the grid on the PSWoo's top ring and start grilling direct on a raised grid at the felt line. Slide the ConvEGGtor in from the side and start smoking BBQ. It's that quick and easy!

The PSWoo let's you handle the ConvEGGtor without touching the food or grid. No need to mess with nuts & bolts, wobbly firebrick or a flimsy grid. Just grab the PSWoo, drop on the grid, slide in the convEGGtor, if needed, and get after it.

With the PSWoo, it's all about flexibility. No other rack system offers this much convenience to raise a grid near the felt line and deal with a hot ConvEGGtor. If you want to keep it simple, raise a grid to the felt line, enjoy quick access to the lump and easily manage a hot ConvEGGtor, then the PSWoo is your best choice for a racking system.

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Quick picture video showing how to set-up the PSWoo. Don't forget the hand protection when dealing with hot objects! Our 16" Stainless Drip Pan fits the ConvEGGtor for expanded coverage.

Getting creative using the 3 Leg Spider and Ceramic Stones with the PSWoo.  

Add 3 Leg Spider and Select Your Stone(s)

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Help us support Made in America. The PSWoo components are fabricated using USA drawn 304 Stainless Steel wire. The PSWoo and Extender are fabricated by us in our wire fabrication shop. The 16" Sliding D Grid is fabricated in the USA for us.

The PSWoo and Extender are fabricated using 1/4" Stainless Round Bar. The PSWoo works with the Large EGG Stainless grid. With the Extender, the spacing between top and bottom grid is approximately 3.5".

The D Grid's dimensions are configured on a 16" diameter grid with the short (flat) side measuring 14.5" deep. The D Grid matches up nicely with the large firebox for even heat distribution. The Grid's crosswires are approximately 1/2" on-center to better handle secondary cooks like veggies, foiled pouches and such. The Sliding D Grid is fabricated using 3/16" 304 EPQ Stainless Steel and is electro-polished for improved performance. The EPQ wire and finish make it easier to clean the grid after each cook.

Note on Cast Iron Grids

We recommend shying away from using cast iron atop any raised grid configuration. Cast iron needs heat to do its thing - create the cool grill marks. By raising the CI grid, we are, in affect, moving it away from the heat it needs to do its thing. The higher we place it, the less effective it becomes. The only way to counter-balance height is to run the EGG hotter. Why run hotter, when it's easier to drop the CI grid closer to the fire!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Rick O
A must add-on

This set is fantastic. Very high quality and a perfect fit. I consider this a ‘must have’ upgrade if you are to maximize use and flexibility with the BGE. Makes indirect cooks easier and the side handles are a good fit even with heat resistant gloves.

Thomas Root
Expanding the egg

I haven’t used the ps woo or the stainless steel dip pans yet.they look well made and I think worth the price,can’t wait to use them.

Terryl Chatham

Makes grill set up easy!

Mike Woodward
Works as advertised

Did my initial cook with the PS Woo and was very pleased. Didn't need to use the expander but worked well with my poor man's brisket (chuck roast).

Michael Pouliot
A Quality Asset to My BGE

The PSWoo Combo is not only quality built but has made my cooks so much easier. Now I can add smoking wood by lifting the grill and platesetter in one quick move.