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Large Oval Grill Packages - Primo Grills

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Popular Large Oval Grill Options

Large Primo Oval Grill is bigger than the Large EGG or Classic Joe. Very easy to add to an outdoor kitchen, table or cart or opt for the complete Large Oval All-In-One package.

Primo requires online pricing be displayed at MSRP. Visit our store and save hundreds on in-store grill packages.

Primo Large Oval Grill Options:

  • PGCLGC, All-In-One includes cradle and side shelves, Heat deflector racks, ceramic deflector plates and firebox divider.

  • PGCLGH, Grill Only for outdoor kitchens, tables or carts - PG00370 is the most popular cart.

With grill only (PGCLGH), Primo does not include the deflector rack and plates. Not to worry, save big by adding CGS Heat Deflectors and Deflector Racks. Plus, we include an ash tool, grid gripper, fire starters and bag of charcoal with all Large Primo Oval Grills.

    If you find the Large EGG or Classic Kamado Joe to small, the Primo Large Oval might be perfect for you. The Large Oval's main cooking area is approximately 40 square inches bigger than the Large EGG® and Classic Joe.

    The long oval shape is perfect for smoking brisket, ribs or multiple pork butts. The Large Oval also lends itself to dividing the firebox for zone cooks. Sear steaks on one side while roasting veggies on the other side.

    Highly Recommended Accessories:

    • Ceramic Feet (PG00400) - you'll need them to elevate the Large Primo Oval on built-in or combustible (wood) table applications.
    • Rack Extenders (PG00315) - one works great for adding more grilling area. Use two for big, low & slow BBQ cooks.
    • Divider Plate (PG00344) - ideal for shrinking the grilling area or creating dual temperature zones. Recommended for grilling cooks.
    • Cast Iron Searing Grate (PG00364) - Perfect solution for creating the highly desired, checkerboard grill marks.


    • Grill Weight 125 lbs.
    • Main Cooking Area - 300 sq in.
    • Optional Extension Racks - 195 sq in.
    • Total Potential Cooking Area 495 sq in.
    • Main Cooking Grid 15" x 22"
    • Stainless Main Cooking Grid, Two-Piece Reversible
    • Dual-Function Kontrol Top
    • Draft Door Stainless Steel
    • Charcoal Grate Cast Iron
    • Made in USA
    • 20 Year Warranty Limited Lifetime on Ceramic Parts

    Manufactured by Primo Grill

    We are the ceramic, kamado, grill pros, raising the possibilities through innovation since 2005.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best grill and smoker

    I've had my Primo XL for over ten years now. I love it now as much now as when I first bought it.
    There is almost nothing I can't cook on it. Smoke or grill about once a week regardless of the weather. I even cook soups and stews using cast iron pots.