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Large Big Green EGG Ceramic Stone Recommendations

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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

Heat Deflector and Pizza Stone Recommendations - Large Big Green EGG

Wondering what ceramic stone to use for pizza or with CGS & Large Big Green EGG accessories? Here's a quick table that outlines your best stone options.

How to use the table: 

  • The left column lists the recommended stones for the Large EGG. The right column lists the accessory and recommended stone sizes & shapes for the accessory.
  • The best recommendation is highlighted in red.
Red is Recommended.
Big Green EGG Grill
Stone Size
Pizza Stone, CGS & EGG Accessories
Large EGG
  13" CGS,
  13"x17" Oval CGS,
  14" EGG,
  15" CGS,
  16" CGS,
  16" EGG

Pizza Stone (14/15/16-P,F)
   - on Adjustable Rig or Woo Ring (14/15/16-P,F)
   - on Adjustable Rig or Woo Extender (14/15-P,F)

CGS Large Spider (13-H,P,F), (14-F), (15-H)
CGS Large Adjustable Rig (13x17-F), (15,16-H,P,F)
CGS Large Woo 3 or 5 Leg (14-F), (15/16-H,P,F)
CGS Large Half Stone Hanger (15/16-H)
Pizza Stone atop EGG's ConvEGGtor (13/14/15/16-P,F)
EGG EGGspander (15/16-H,P,F)
H = Half Stone, P = Pair Half Stones, F = Full Round Stone,
Red is Recommended

H = Half Stone
P = Pair Half Stones F = Full Round Stone 


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