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Large Adjustable Rig w/ Pair Crossbars - Large BGE

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This is the only the Large Adjustable Rig. If you own a Large Big Green EGg, we recommend starting with the Large Adjustable Rig R&B Combo. The Combo will get you going faster and is usually on sale.

Think of the Adjustable Rig as a big erector set. Adding a variety of stones, grids and such, the Rig can be configured to handle just about any type of cook - from grilling chicken on a raised grid to BBQing multiple ribs & butts at the same time.

It's a good bet you'll settle into a handful of cooking scenarios with the Rig and never need its full capabilities. The cool thing is, if you need to step up your abilities or complete that specialty cook, it won't take much to make it happen with the Rig.

The Adjustable Rig is fabricated using Stainless steel components. Made in the USA exclusively by CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

Check our Large Adjustable Rig Combo Packages for more versatility!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Exceptional product quality, timely email responses when I had an issue with shipping address and very quick rate to ship

Best accessory you can get for a Kamodo grill

Doubled the capacity of my Green Egg--easily cook 6 6-pound butt halves instead of 3.

Absolute Necessity

I upgraded from the stock grid to this rig before my first cook. I had read a ton of positive reviews of all Ceramic Grill Store products and went ahead and purchased the rig along with the pizza stone. We've done several cooks of burgers and kabobs in the rig and love that it places the grid higher in the dome. I don't have to worry about uneven cooking as the higher dome placement gives me a uniform temperature. We've done pizza a couple of times and the rig is absolutely necessary. The stones worked out awesome and I love the high quality craftsmanship. Definitely recommend all Ceramic Grill Store products to anyone who owns a ceramic grill.

Must-Have Product!

I'm a fairly new egg owner, and having done my research decided to forgo the BGE branded platesetter and grid extender - and opted for the Adjustable Rig instead. SO GLAD I did! The ability to easily adjust the height of my grids, and to easily manipulate multiple grids is a no-brainer and I'd encourage anyone in the same boat as me to jump on an adjustable rig as well.

A well-designed tool of superb quality

I have used the large adjustable rig, in combination with a half-moon stone, for both pork chops and chicken thighs, with excellent results. Getting these meats further from the flames is the key. I also used it for planked salmon, again with excellent results. I have not used the crossbars yet, so I can't comment on them.