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Large Adjustable Rig Crossbar Replacement (Pair)

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These Crossbars fit the Large Adjustable Rig. The Crossbars hold stones, grids and such inside the Rig.  One Crossbar spans across the front two brackets. Another Crossbar spans across the back two brackets.  One can also be used as the front support on the Large Slide Guide or back support on the Half Stone Hanger.

If you are purchasing a Large Adjustable Rig and have a tendency to misplace things or have small children that like to run off with things, then we recommend picking up an extra pair.  Sold in Pairs.

Fabricated from 1/4" 304 stainless round stock. Can also be used as a wiggle rod to shake the ash free on the lump grate. Adjustable Rig pictured is not included.  Made in the USA exclusively by CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

Customer Reviews

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Rick F.
Comes in handy

What more is there to say? They do what they are designed for, you always need enough crossbars to support indirect pieces, extra grilles and in some cases the drip pan/oval.