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Joe Junior Kamado Joe, Raised Grid Expander - CGS Woo

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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

Raise the cooking grid, easy in & out with handles, half-moon deflector option, CGS' Expander adds convenience and capability to the Joe Junior Kamado Joe grill.

Note: This Expander only fits the Joe Junior Kamado Joe Grill. It does not fit other manufacturers' grills. The grill, fire ring, grid and stone are shown for illustrative purposes and not included: You should have them from the grill purchase.

Additional Options include: 10" Stainless Drip Pan, 10" Full or Half-Moon Heat Deflectors and removing the Handles.

The CGS Joe Junior Expander is all about simplicity:

  • handles make for easy in & out of entire set-up;
  • deflector stone sits on bottom ring and can't fall out. 
  • cooking grid sits just below top of base;
  • lower ring holds the Junior's 10" ceramic stone;
  • flip grid opens to add wood to the fire;
  • no interference with the Kick Ash Basket;
  • option to remove the Handles.
Joe Junior Kamado Joe Expander raises the cooking grid for easy handling of a heat deflector and quick in & out via handles.
Joe Junior Kamado Joe Expander with cooking grid on top and hinge flipped up.
lifting a Joe Junior Expander out of a Joe Junior Kamado Joe.
Joe Junior Kamado Joe Expander with cooking grid sitting inside a Joe Junior.

Important: Before ordering, confirm the following measurements to ensure the Expander fits your Junior's cooking grid and fire ring:

  • The outside diameter of the Junior's cooking grid needs to be 13.25 inches for Expanders with handles.
  • The inside diameter of the fire ring needs to be at least 11.25 inches. The fire ring is the ceramic piece with three little notches that supports the grid and Expander. The Expander's lower ring drops approximately 1.375 inches into the fire ring.

Cast iron grids will not fit the Expander with handles. 


Recommended accessories are the 10" Stainless Drip Pan to catch drippings and 10" Ceramic Stone for a pizza stone.  Our Ceramic Spacers can be use to push the pizza stone up in the dome.  

The Handles are not intrusive, just big and tall enough to grab and lift by inserting one finger through the loop.

The Joe Junior Woo Ring is fabricated using 1/4" Stainless Round Bar. The Welds are Tig welds.

Made in the USA by Ceramic Grill Store in our wire fabrication shop.

Grill, fire ring, grid and stone shown are not included, you should already have them. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
David B
The handles are great.

Very nice accessory. The handles make it a lot easier to add/stir coals of smoking chunks without disrupting the cook.

The only negative I’d give it is that the Kamado Jr. Soapstone doesn’t fit without using the grill too. Not a huge deal, but I use the factory rack if I’m using the soapstone. But I sure miss the handles when I do!

Great Idea!

I just got into the whole Kamado Grilling with my Kamado Joe Jr which I really love. But one thing that bothered me on my first cook with using the deflector plate with the grill was the fact that I had to move the grill and deflector plate holder separately if I wanted to wood chips to the fire. And I thought that it would be great if you could them as one piece.

Then I saw a Youtuber talk about the Woo Ring in his review and immediately order it and does exactly what I need it to do. Also, I love the fact that you can easily remove the deflector plate in the middle of cooks without have to remove the deflector holder.

James Sheehan
Big improvement

This is a step up from the ring that comes with the Kamado Joe Jr. Handles are a big help, and easier to slide the deflector plate on and off. It’s a must have.

20 inch stainless steel cooking grate & KJ Jr Woo

Items were delivered about 6:30 pm last night. The 20 inch grate fits perfectly on my WSM 22.5 lower level. The KJ Jr Woo fits nice on my Kamado Joe Jr

Jay E
Great engineering

Another top notch quality product! Very well made!