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Flame Boss 500 High Temperature Pit Probe

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Flame Boss 500 High Temperature Straight Plug Pit Probe

We highly recommend keeping a replacement pit probe handy. The probes, pit and meat, take a beating during a cook and will eventually crap out. Last thing you want is to find out a probe is dead when you are firing up a cook. Probes on all grill controllers are consumables and will eventually give up the ghost. Best to keep an extra pit and meat probe handy. 

The High Temperature Pit Probes for Flame Boss® 500 are an industrial duty platinum resistance thermometer probe. Each includes 6 ft. stainless steel shielding and is rated to 475˚F.

The Flame Boss 500 Meat Probe can be used with the Flame Boss 400 and Big Green EGG® EGG Genius Controllers. Also compatible with Flame Boss 100, 200 and 300 Controllers. Unfortunately, the other Flame Boss and EGG Controller probes have 90° connectors and are not recommended for the Flame Boss 500.   


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