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FireBoard 2 Drive Packages

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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

What's in the FBX2D box: FireBoard FBX2D Temperature Unit, USB-C PD Charger, Ambient Probe, 2 Food Probes, Grill Clip, Quick Start Guide.

How it works: Typically, you stick one probe in the meat and clip another probe on the cooking grid. Connect the probes to the FBX2D Unit via one of six ports. During the cook, the FBX2D uses the probes to monitor and record temperatures.

In a nutshell, using the wireless features, the FBX2D is your "eyes" on the cook when you are away from the grill. Note, this unit only monitors and records temperature. It does not control the pit temperature. To have control over the pit, the FBX2D needs the Blower/Fan.   

Optional 20 CFM FireBoard Blower/Fan: You'll need this if you want control and maintain the grill temperature electronically. The FireBoard blower mounts to the lower vent. It connects via cable to the FireBoard FBX2D Unit and when initiated blows air into the grill.

Why separate purchase options with FBX2D and FBBL-G2 Blower/Fan: FireBoard gives you the option to start off monitoring pit and meat temp(s). Then later, if you feel the need to control the pit temperature, you can add the Blower/Fan.  

 Just about every month, we have a customer tell us they lost a cook because they did not have a fan controller and now want to buy one. We've been controlling our long cooks for almost 20 years. It's an easy way to provide peace of mind and do a quick check from just about anywhere. We highly recommend adding the Blower/Fan unit.  

What's you don't need with this unit. You don't need the FireBoard Drive Cable, The FBX2D has the technology built-in. It's basically the FireBoard 2 and Drive Cable rolled into one unit - newest technology. 

What's it about:

  • Easy to setup and install on your wireless network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), FireBoard Cloud Service,
  • Pushes real-time updates via the cloud to apps for iPhone, Android, and the Web. 
  • Supports up to 6 external temperature probes.
  • Internal Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • LCD Display grill side, have a beer in your hand and not the phone.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.
  • Size: 4.4″W x 2.8″H x 1.1″D, Weight: 8 Ounces
  • Warranty Information - 1 year

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Optional Blower/Fan:

What's in the Blower/Fan Box: Variable Speed 20 CFM Blower, Small/Medium Adapter Plate: 2.75 x 1.97″ (70 x 50mm), Large/XL Adapter Plate: 3.43 x 3.03″ (87 x 77mm) 

 Built-in sliding damper to fine tune airflow. We love this feature, as it allows us to have top and bottom control over airflow! 


  • Variable Speed, powered by FireBoard’s internal battery
  • Power source: 12 VDC, 0.68A, 8W (not included)
  • Cable length: 4.5 ft (1.4 m).
  • Power connector: 2.5 mm barrel plug
  • Blower maximum flow rating: 20 CFM, requires external power source
  • Blower opening: 1.2 x 1.6″ (30 x 40 mm).
  • Flange outer dimension: 1.95 x 2.45″ (49 x 62 mm).
  • Flange mounting hole distance: 1.32 x 2.05″ 34 x 52 mm, hole size, 3 mm in diameter.

Compatibility chart for some models.

Cooker FireBoard Blower Compatible?
Primo Kamado Yes
Med & Large BGE Yes
Kamado Joe Yes (some versions will require adapter plate modification)

Optional Base

Built-in magnets allow this FireBoard 2 series Base to mount on most metal surfaces. A non-slip bottom also lets the base firmly rest on a flat surface. The base provides easy screen viewing and port access. Compatible with the FBX2, FBX2D, and FBX2K.

To avoid heat damage, base should not be attached to grill lid or body.


  • 4.88 inches wide x 2.125 inches tall x 3 inches deep
  • Material: ABS plastic / silicone
  • Maximum temperature: 150 °F

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