EGG Genius Y Adapter Cable, Big Green EGG, 121387

Big Green Egg®


Big Green Egg®

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EGG Genius Splitter or Adapter Cable by Flame Boss

The Y Adapter Cable is required to run additional meat probes with the Flame Boss 300 and Big Green EGG - EGG Genius. This Y Adapter Cable is not compatible with the Flame Boss 400 or 500.

  • Use one Y Cable, one Pit Probe and two Meat Probes to monitor two meats.
  • Use two Y Cables, one Pit Probe and three Meat Probes to monitor three meats

We reserve the right to ship either Flame Boss or Big Green EGG Y Adapter Cables. They are the same Y Adapters, just different packaging. Big Green EGG part number: 121387. Flame Boss Part number: FB T-Y.