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Big Green Egg


Replacement Ceramic Dome for Big Green Egg Grills

If you are looking at buying a used Big Green Egg, we recommend you give proper consideration to the value of the Big Green Egg warranty. These Eggs are considered by many as a family investment for generations to come.

  • Ceramic Dome for XXLarge EGG – 114433, 0665719114433
  • Ceramic Dome for XLarge EGG – 112668, 0665719112668
  • Ceramic Dome for Large EGG – 401120, 0665719401120
  • Ceramic Dome for Medium EGG – 401137, 0665719401137
  • Ceramic Dome for Small or MiniMax EGGs – 401144, 0665719401144
  • Ceramic Dome for Mini EGG – 112224, 0665719112224
In the unlikely event that you have a Warranty Claim on a Big Green Egg, these are the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE BIG GREEN EGG LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY

1. THE BIG GREEN EGG: Each Big Green Egg® ceramic cooker (XXLarge, XLarge, Large, Medium, Small, MiniMax and Mini) carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty for materials and workmanship on all ceramic components (including dome, base, damper top, fire box and fire ring) to the original purchaser or owner who has purchased the product from an Authorized Dealer and has registered their Warranty as required (the “Warranty”). This Warranty is valid for as long as the original purchaser owns the EGG® or covered component, except for other ceramic, metal and wood components which are covered as explained below. This warranty is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights which may apply.

Complete Warranty details can be found here - Big Green Egg Warranty.