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Cast Iron Dual Sided Searing Grids, Big Green Egg

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Create steakhouse quality grill marks in your Big Green EGG. Wide and narrow grilling sides handle a variety of searing & grilling options. Pre-seasoned for easy use. 

Cast Iron Grids with Dual Sides - Big Green Egg®

  • 13" for MiniMax and Small EGG;
  • 16" (15.75") for Medium EGG; 
  • 18" (18.25") Half Moon for Large EGG; 
  • 18" (18.25") Full Round for Large EGG;
  • 24" (23.25") Half Moon for XL EGG;

The Big Green Egg Cast Iron Grid is an alternative grilling surface. The grid provides high heat retention and even heat distribution. Cast Iron is perfect for searing at high temperatures. 

The Big Green Egg Cast Iron Grid is two sided. The grid's thin edge side is best for creating grill marks. Drop the meat on the grid, sear till the grid marks show, turn the meat 90° and continue searing to develop the crosshatch pattern. If you can, move the meat to a new, unused, portion of the grid.

The grid's wider flat side is perfect for seafood, fish or other foods that need more grid surface underneath. The flat side is ideal for holding thin foods that can easily fall through a Stainless grid.

The XL Cast Iron Grid by Egg comes in a half moon size. Use two or pair it with the XL Stainless Grid by Egg for a full XL cooking surface. The Small and MiniMax Cast Iron Grids by Egg are the same grid. They are interchangeable.

Note:  We do not recommend elevating a cast iron grid in the grill, as it pulls the grid away from the heat it needs to produce the desirable grill marks. Close to the lump is best - makes it easier for the cast iron to heat up and sear.

The Big Green Egg Cast Iron Grids come with a preseason protective coating.

Manufactured by Big Green Egg Ceramic Grills.