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Ansell Microflex Black Nitrile Gloves

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Ansell Microflex Our Recommended Prep Glove - 100/box

The Microflex nitrile gloves are approved for food handling, do not contain latex and are silicone & powder free. We keep a box in the kitchen and grill side to tackle the messy jobs. Black is the preferred color by BBQ and grill folks. 

Beware, not all nitrile gloves are the same. They can vary in thickness, especially where it matters most......the palm and fingers. Over the years, we tested a good number of gloves and found Ansell's Microflex the best and most cost effective prep glove. 

Gloves are great for prepping food in the kitchen, as they eliminate the need to constantly wash your hands each time you reach in a drawer or cabinet. Just remove a glove and use your clean hand to retrieve the needed item: a good way to minimize cross contamination.  

Nitrile gloves are also great for keeping your hands clean when dealing with ash or lump, scrubbing dirty cooking grids or wiping down the work area. Just make sure everything is cold and/or extinguished.

Nitrile gloves are prep gloves and disposable after use. Caution, do not wear the gloves to handle hot items or burning fuel.  See chart above on determine size.

  • Material: Nitrile 
  • Powder Type: Powder-Free
  • Texture: Fingers for Consistent Grip
  • Color: Black
  • Resists: Oil Based Chemicals, Oils, Fats 
  • Application: Food Processing and Handling, Light Manufacturing, Maintenance and Cleanup, Painting, Janitorial Use,
  • Palm Thickness: 3.5 mils,
  • Finger Thickness: 5.1 mils,
  • Overall Length: 9.5 inches,
  • Store in cool dry space, keep out of direct sunlight, 
  • Country of Origin: Malaysia

Telltale Sign - Check your grilling state of mind.

At CGS, if we count the number of gloves used to get cooking, we'll have a good indication on how the cook will go. This includes prepping the grill and food. The fewer gloves we use, the more we are 'into' the cook and results should be good. If we keep ripping off a glove and putting on a new one, then we know, we better wake up, get our head in the cook and pay extra attention to what's happening. Try it with your next couple of cooks!

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